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The Most Anticipated Architectural Projects in 2022 to look forward to

The Most Anticipated Architectural Projects in 2022 that are set to Shape the World.

Regardless of whether Covid-19 causes delays in construction timelines and architecture project openings, the following year promises a slew of widely awaited new buildings. Construction dates for several architecture projects in 2022 have been impacted by resource availability and workforce concerns associated to the global epidemic.

Simultaneously, some projects have advanced fast and whose construction demonstrates the diversity of building circumstances seen around the world. They represent design and construction via a global lens, design inspiration from various climates and material methods.

The designs, which include a mix of cultural and commercial activities, are spread across five continents, with several under construction for several years. They are a mix of interconnecting landscapes, museums, and new skyscrapers, and are designed at various scales.

Let’s have a look at the Most Anticipated Architectural Projects of 2022 ready to Shape the World:

1. Fotografiska, Berlin, Germany

Fotografiska, Berlin, Germany

The 19th-century Art Gallery of New South Fotografiska is the Swedish word for “photography.” Two architecture firms are entrusted with the intricate renovation project. Herzog & de Meuron, whose work includes the Tate Modern in London and the new M+ in Hong Kong, was in charge of a large rooftop addition as well as an urban plan for the nearby Am Tacheles neighborhood.

2. San Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Bergamo, Italy

San Pellegrino Flagship Factory, Bergamo, Italy

The project proposal integrates and enhances existing structures while creating an attractive framework that will allow visitors to perceive the force and purity of the surrounding Alpine nature. It is located in the Brembana valley between the Brembo river and is at the foot of the Italian alps.

3. Qorner Tower, Quito, Ecuador

Qorner Tower, Quito, Ecuador

The Qorner Tower in Quito, Ecuador’s capital, is set to open later this year. A Jenga tower-like shape, designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie’s eponymous studio, helps create tiered terraces for trees and plants over two of the tower’s faces.

4. New parliament building, New Delhi, India

New parliament building, New Delhi, India

This is s $1.8 billion renovations project of New Delhi’s historic center is one of India’s biggest architecture projects in 2022. The new parliament building is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Central Vista Redevelopment Project, which stands at the heart of architecture firm HCP’s district plan.

With its triangular form alluding to the sacred geometries of several religions, the building will contain two horseshoe-shaped chambers for the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha — the parliament’s upper and lower houses, respectively and a light-filled Constitution Hall to display India’s written constitution.

5. Sydney Modern Project, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Modern Project, Sydney, Australia

Wales, towering above Sydney Harbour, is being redesigned as a series of terraced gazeboes that imitate the surrounding terrain. The $250 million plan includes restoring the existing design and constructing a brand-new structure that will nearly quadruple the total exhibition space. SANAA, the firm initiated by Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, is making its Australian debut with this project. 

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6. Aranya ‘Cloud Center’, Qinhuangdao, China

Aranya 'Cloud Center', Qinhuangdao, China

In recent years, the coastal city of Qinhuangdao, located roughly 150 miles east of Beijing, has become an odd destination for architecture lovers. Its most recent addition is a cultural center built by MAD Architects, the firm formed by Ma Yansong, a former Zaha Hadid protégé who is now in charge of George Lucas’ long-awaited Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.

7. Iconic Tower, New Administrative Capital, Egypt

Iconic Tower, New Administrative Capital, Egypt

The Iconic Tower is one of 18 towers proposed for Egypt’s new 6.5-million-person capital city, which is being built from the ground up less than 30 miles east of Cairo. The 80-story skyscraper, which rises 1,263 feet into the sky and will be Africa’s tallest building when it is completed later this year, will serve as the project’s visual showpiece.

8. Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial, Newtown, USA

Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial, Newtown, USA

Images of the long-awaited Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial were unveiled last summer after five years of planning and nearly 200 design submissions. This location in Newtown, Connecticut, will open to the public in December to commemorate and memorialize the lives lost in the fatal elementary school massacre that occurred ten years ago.

9. Yongjia World Trade Centre, Wenzhou, China

Yongjia World Trade Centre, Wenzhou, China

These towers are spread across four separate riverbank plots in the south eastern city of Wenzhou, in Zhejiang province, and are inspired by the image of priceless goods standing on a tray. Each high-rise is made up of interconnecting “frames” that define the different vertical districts, with shared amenities like gardens and lounges located where the frames intersect.

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