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Things you should know about green roofs in Civil Engineering

If you have already been on Indovance page, you must have read about the green designs used in the civil engineering and architecture. This article will specifically focus on the ‘Green Roofs.’ So have you came across this term ‘Green Roof’? Even if you have come across this term, very few of us actually know what exactly it is.

A green roof is a roof of any building that is covered with vegetation. The roof might be either entirely covered with the vegetation or covered partially. A green roof is certainly there for a purpose? Any guesses? A green roof is totally for environmental purposes. There are multi-purposes of the green roofs, and many upcoming projects are thinking of going with this design.

Why would a civil firm implement this design? 1) It is environmental super friendly. 2) Customers like it. Now, we leave it to you to decide which amongst both the reasons is stronger. But, both reasons are very crucial. Why do people love green roofs by the way?

We all know that the quality of the air is going down with every passing day. We have reached a stage where people in some parts of the world are buying quality air (oxygen) because the air quality has deteriorated to alarming levels. And it is no longer safer to breathe such air. Hence, green cover has become very important, moreover, it can be a balancing act to improve the air quality. So, firms implement green roofs that can improve the quality of the air.

Green roofs are cool, isn’t it? I mean literally they are cool. They are cool because they help in controlling the surrounding temperature. Especially, if the temperature is soaring during the summers, the green roof will be a boon to you. They will keep the temperature low. Do you know that green roofs also help in controlling the greenhouse gas emissions? It also helps in arresting the smog production.

The water can be absorbed by the vegetation cover, which is returned to the atmosphere by evaporation. They also retain most of the rainwater falling on it. So, the wastage of the water is the bare minimum. During rough weathers, even storm water can be checked and hence, chances of flooding are lowered by a great extent.

Apart from these benefits, there are other benefits from green roofs like noise insulation, etc. It also helps in keeping the biodiversity rich. And, just look at the above picture, the view is absolutely a treat to eyes. It looks beautiful. So, green roofs certainly do have its own aesthetic importance. All of these reasons are strong enough to compel firms in the construction industry to adapt and implement green roofs.

Indovance also takes great interest in knowing and informing about new designs and technologies that are helping the mankind. Indovance is a CAD drafting and drawing outsourcing partner for many civil engineering and architectural firms. Indovance acknowledges the importance of newer designs intended to help the environment. For more articles, keep checking this section.

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