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Think Architecture Think Sustainable – Part 1

It’s a crazy-crazy world!! You know why? because each day people are making diversified inventions and doing miraculously great for their counterparts. Even construction in today’s day and age seems to be in the hands of environment-friendly material. Wood once used in cooking is now getting a whole new identity with its illustrious use in construction. Timber construction is the new age of sustainable concrete. Architects worldwide are showing great enthusiasm for this beauty.

Large timber performs very well in resisting fires and is recognized for such in building codes as well. Heavy timber construction is permitted for buildings of larger heights. This miracle building material also contributes to the environment by extracting carbon from the environment. Wooden flooring comes from trees that have angiosperm seeds. Some of the popular species include Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut. The hardness of real wood flooring is sometimes made from softwood as well.

Why Wood and not Concrete?

It’s super easy to assemble! You can build a 7-storey wooden structure with the help of a fewer number of carpenters in as less as 25 days! Now to keep things amazing for you let me tell you that timber makes for a calmer and cleaner building site as well. It requires a 5th of the deliveries by a truck than concrete does, and it hardly creates any wastes. Also, the speed of construction saves money!! Since it takes less time to construct thus saving construction and labour costs.

A Vancouver based Ar. Michael Green has proposed a 35 – Storey tower completely of Timber and will be named as Baobab. So yes, a new age timber structure of an Empire State building is completely possible now. Voila!! Here’s a sneak-peak where he shares his vision for more sustainable cities and states using Timber.

Judgement Time – So yes, this Timber case looks compelling enough. However larger invention like this usually has a lot of sceptical audiences  doing their permutations and combinations regarding the topic. It goes through a lot of grilling from the industry experts to see the light of the day. But as of now with all the reports and results, it is here to stay and make a mark in this otherwise big bad world of Concrete.

Our Expertise – We believe in providing our clients with all the knowledge expertise that our team have about the given subject. We have 16 long years of experience in Architecture drafting and modeling services. We are an apt provider of our services with the quickest TAT. For more details regarding the above subject feel free to contact us on +1 919-238-4044, also you can visit our website www.indovance.com  anytime to know about our other work domains.

We are here to help you with all your needs anytime!!

PS – Also, the Part 2 for this blog will be available soon. So do keep a track of all our upcoming blogs.

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