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Top 5 NAVISWORKS Workflows for Planning it RIGHT


Construction professionals are leaning heavily on Navisworks to provide industry-leading clash detection throughout the construction process.

Navisworks enables construction teams to accurately coordinate models from many disciplines and discover and resolve clashes before construction begins. It is also the industry’s most effective coordination engine, supporting more than 60 file types and allowing teams to interact across several trades and create more seamless projects. However, clash detection is only one of Navisworks’ key capabilities. Five core procedures inside Navisworks assist construction teams in laying the groundwork for project success.

Autodesk Navisworks Manage is a model aggregator that integrates 3D models and their design-related data into a cohesive working environment for design review, coordination analysis, simulation, and presentation. Clash Detective, TimeLiner, Animator, Quantification Workbook, and other specialist Navisworks tools are available. This composite virtual project model may be interactively evaluated, displayed, and analyzed in numerous ways to validate the design and give predictability for building and operation.

Let’s take a Deep Dive

Top 5 NAVISWORKS Workflows

1. Clash Detection

The construction industry is prone to unexpected conflicts, therefore meticulously prepared schedules and budgets are often abandoned.

Navisworks Clash Detection enables you to effectively find, inspect, and report interferences (clashes) in a 3D project model, avoiding unpleasant surprises onsite and ensuring smooth project delivery.

Clash Detective also eliminates the danger of human errors during model inspections by providing a simple structure for working through clashes from identification to resolution. Clash Detective can be utilized as a one-time check or as an ongoing project audit check once your design work is finished.

Clash Detective allows you to run clash tests between standard 3D geometry (triangles) and laser-scanned point clouds, enabling you to compare your designs with onsite reality capture and course correct. You may execute time-based clash tests on the project by integrating Clash Detective and TimeLiner. Components can be scheduled to appear or remove at specific times, allowing you to pinpoint when and where clashes might occur.

2. Model Aggregation

Getting a clear picture of a project when there are so many teams working on it, each with their models, can be difficult. Navisworks enables you to merge many models from diverse trades (such as architectural and civil, MEP, detailers, fabrication, structural engineering, and so on) into a single 3D model for easy viewing, clash detection, and virtual scrutiny.

Navisworks integrates more than 60 third-party software in addition to AutoCAD and Revit, enabling you to open and merge model files from all around the construction ecosystem. Navisworks combines all of the data from a construction project. When the files are combined, they bring together geometry and data created by multidisciplinary teams, allowing you to examine and review complicated models in real time.

You may produce and distribute content with Navisworks as a single file containing an overview of the entire project framework, ensuring that everyone has equal access across the team to investigate and evaluate.

Top 5 NAVISWORKS Workflows for Planning it RIGHT

3. Animation & Simulation

Delivering a construction project is difficult, as there are many moving pieces, stakeholders, and project models to consider throughout the construction process.

Navisworks’ TimeLiner tool enables you to link your model to an external construction schedule and view a more accurate simulation of all building tasks in a sequential animation.

Depending on what you need to examine, you can add animation to a full schedule or just particular activities. You can even mix and match animation sequences to build the simulations you need for your project. To have further control over the attributes of each animation, you can add scripts to the jobs. Adding overlays to simulations with 5D animation functionality across the assembly, operation, and disassembly can help you investigate time and cost implications for various scenarios.

With real-time simulations in Navisworks, you may animate and interact with components to get a more accurate perspective of the model.

4. Quantification

Estimation and costs are critical to any project, but they also account for the majority of the project’s risk. Take control with Navisworks’ tools that provide you more visibility into assumptions and greater measurement accuracy, allowing you to put more faith in your project data and better reduce project risks.

You may calculate material estimates, measure areas, and count building components directly from your aggregated model using Navisworks’ built-in Quantification function. You may also estimate construction and restoration projects, allowing you to spend less time counting and measuring and more time assessing them.

Navisworks’ Quantification workflow helps you create a more precise perspective of material quantities and measurements from 2D and 3D files.

5. BIM 360 Glue

BIM 360 Glue allows stakeholders the ease of collaboration and 

snappy access to multidiscipline project models and information across various trades at all times.

After you’ve uploaded your models to BIM 360, you can combine Navisworks’ advanced capabilities with BIM 360’s collaborative capabilities for speedier outcomes, such as viewing automated clash reports with your team right away to resolve issues faster.

Through BIM 360 Glue’s effortless connectivity, you can access cloud models from anywhere. Employing BIM 360 Glue in combination with Navisworks saves time manually sorting through clash detections and even eliminate clashes by crowdsourcing coordination among all team members.

Plan it Right before going On-site

You can optimize delivery schedules, eliminate rework, and expedite preconstruction operations using Navisworks, so you can take a proactive approach.

Navisworks has become indispensable in BIM design workflows because of its remarkable capabilities such as time-based clash detection, photorealistic visualization, quick file sharing, and automated referencing of numerous CAD files. Civil engineers, architects, and structural engineers, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing experts, are increasingly using Navisworks in construction projects. Navisworks Clash Detection is also being used by non-engineers who need to visualize a project.

When you subscribe to Navisworks as part of the AEC Collection, you’ll have access to integrated construction tools like Revit, AutoCAD, ReCap, and more, which can help you increase your productivity even more. You can streamline your preconstruction workflows and get faster results by integrating Navisworks with the requirements of the AEC Industry.

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