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Topographic Survey: Identifying Features of Land

Topographic surveys are generally used for identifying both the man-made and natural features of a specific area of land. Many a times land surveys that are conducted result in maps that are created using stakes and specific landmarks. However, the topographic survey is performed by using both GPS and EDM technology. A topographic map shows a series of contour lines, identifying various changes in the land that have taken place over a period of time.

The benefits:

Whether for camping, canoeing, hiking, infrastructure development like road and railway, urban and/or industrial development, or for defense services, application areas of topographic survey are many. Considering the resources planning required for such surveys, outsourcing part of your tasks to a renowned partner; an expert in survey techniques, is always beneficial. Following are some benefits of your outsourcing engagement:

Cost Saving: Your outsourcing partner understands the value of your customer’s investment; monetary as well in terms of time, and hence will provide surveys at the lowest prices while ensuring maximum precision.

End-to-end Services: Not only the outsourced topographic survey services, but your partner will also help you read through the maps and derive the maximum benefits by proper study and interpretation.

Zooming Capability: The higher the zooming of the maps, the better are the survey. You are able to zoom up to 250% percent, so your customer is able to view each and every aspect of the map accurately.

Technology: Use of technology will allow you to develop topographical maps using photogrammetric methods. These methods involve studying and interpreting aerial photographs, LIDAR Data sets, and other necessary data. All the mapping is done using high-end software technology for best results.

Quality and Confidentiality: Your outsourcing partner understands the importance of topographical mapping for geographical or infrastructural planning. And hence, they will ensure that proper topographical surveys and qualitative analysis is conducted while maintaining a high degree of precision.

Outsourcing to Indovance is an option you can consider, our world class infrastructure and highly educated engineers would assist in reducing your 50% business cost. Call our Sales team at +1 919 238 4044 for more information.

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