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Transforming Mechanical Engineering with 3D Animation

Imagine: you are watching a 3D animation of clothes in a washing machine. The virtual demonstration shows the flow of the water through pipes into the machine, the agitation of the drum, the draining process and rapid spin cycle. It’s not real – it’s just a simulation of a product in its inception stage. But 3D animation provides a realistic representation of what it will look like, the components, how it works, if there are any flaws in the design and how you can improve it before its manufactured. All of this before having any hard expenses of physically building and testing the product. The result? A more cost-effective way to ensure a better end product.

The Evolution of Design
While earlier engineers relied on hand drawings to design and complete projects, there was a lot of room for error. One miscalculation in the original drawing could result in expensive and all-too-common mistakes.

Decades ago, mechanical engineers began abandoning pen and paper for computer-aided design. But creating drawings, designs and drafting with computers was just the beginning. Now, many mechanical engineering firms also rely on 3D animation to better understand and test products.

Benefits of 3D CAD
The evolution of CAD and 3D animation has meant incredible advantages for mechanical engineers, including:

  • Approximately 45 percent faster product design
  • Automated design process
  • Organization and management of design data
  • Effective communication with customers and suppliers
  • Generation of virtual prototypes allows non-CAD people to participate in the process
  • Effective internal design reviews
  • Incorporation of design changes at any point during prototyping
  • Standardized details and drafting practices
  • Increased speed and precision of production
  • Ease of beating competition to the market

For mechanical engineers, visualization with 3D animation has simplified processes. Prototyping has become not just easier, but better. Designs can be tested and validated, reducing costs by eliminating problems and errors before manufacturing.

Clients love seeing their product come to life. These 3D animated visuals can be rotated and broken down into their components, giving mechanical engineers the ability to better explain assembly and demonstrate functionality.

3D Animation Made Easy
Indovance is one of the leading CAD and drafting outsourcing service providers. Indovance partners with Mechanical Engineering firms to assist them build 3D animations that have the power to clearly explain complicated core product functions and features. Indovance has team of engineers specialize in CAD drawing, drafting, designing and 3D animation, producing quality work with little turnaround time.

If you are also looking for a right partner to develop 3D designs and animations, reach out to our sales team on +1 919-238-4044 or drop an e-mail at: [email protected].

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