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Trends in Product Design

CAD Drafting ServicesProduct designs are becoming more intricate and impressive with each passing year. Consumers are advancing in technology and their needs are growing. We live in a tech-savvy world that constantly looks for bigger and better products to make our lives easier. Below, you’ll find a few 2015 product design trends to look forward to throughout the year!

“Smart” Products – According to engineering.com, “Mechanical products aren’t just mechanical anymore – they are electronic and software products as well.  Even simple home appliances have lots of computing power, and this trend isn’t going away. This trend forces interdisciplinary teams and cross-functional product development. ” For those that enjoy smart phones, TVs, and other appliances, look for even more products to offer a “smart” aspect in the near future!

Fitness – Products that monitor movement, distance and muscular exertion are on the up and up! Everyone wants a wearable product that offers insight and recommendations for workouts and training. Look for this innovative design to offer more in the way of integration and automated movement recording.

Generative Design – Designs created by computer and software algorithms. These designs will advance in 2015 and begin to gain popularity throughout the year. Look for various generative designs to be available, soon!

Visual – We now live in a world where visual is key. Standard brand images are no longer going to be digitalized. Instead, product designs will now have logos with a hand-written and drawn idea in mind. Consumers prefer natural visuals now, instead of modern, complicated ones.

“Green” Designs – Eco-friendly and sustainability is a trend that seems to be a major focus today. Consumers are continuing to “go green” in every aspect of their life. In turn, this new focus on improving our world has put product design into full gear with creating better, green designs. According to Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, “Socially-conscious consumers care most about environmental sustainability. 66 percent of socially conscious consumers identified environmental sustainability as a cause companies should support.” 2015 will bring out new, innovative green product design that is created with the environmentally-conscious consumer in mind.

Be sure to look for these trends as they grow in 2015 and also try to spot new trends that might be up and coming for 2016! The world is ever-changing and with it, product design is, as well!

High Quality CAD Drafting Services

Indovance is proud to offer quality CAD drafting services to those that are looking for ways to take their ideas to a new level! In addition, we can also offer you cost efficiency, quality, and time efficiency when working with our experts! If you’re interested in learning more about our company, contact us, today! We offer CAD drafting services outsourcing, BIM services, engineering, architecture outsourcing and more. We are proud to offer you services that can help your business with costly planning, designing and constructing! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook by clicking here.

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