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The UN Encourages More Countries to Invest in 3D Printing

CAD DRAFTING SERVICES3D printing is all over the news with new advancements in the technology being reported every day. Over the course of this year, we’ve been bringing the most exciting news to you through our blog! Today is no different. In the latest reports, there are discussions of why 3D printing is important and how beneficial it is for various reasons.

Just recently, the United Nations have reached out to encourage more countries to invest in this type of printing. After a recent study, they found that there are many different countries, all over the world, that haven’t been taking advantage of this technology. In fact, 3Dprint.com reports that according to the United Nations, most of the work being done in the field has been limited to a handful of countries. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reported in the 2015 World Intellectual Property report that of all the patents filed in the emerging fields of 3D printing, robotics and nanotechnology since 1995, fully 75 percent were filed by Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Britain and South Korea.

“Historical technological breakthroughs have been at the root of long-lasting expansions in economic output,” said WIPO Director General Francis Gurry. “Successful innovation, at the company level or across the wider economy, requires perseverance, particularly in periods of anemic growth when innovation budgets are under pressure,” he continued. “We need to reinforce the environments that give rise to the breakthrough technologies of tomorrow.”

At this moment, Japan and the United States lead the world in using 3D printing. They’re followed closely by China, who is continuing to try out this technology every chance they get.

The adventures of 3D printing keeps advancing all the time. It’s unfortunate that more countries aren’t leaning toward using this type of technology to better benefit their needs. After all, 3D printing is changing the world; especially the medical world. We’re able to print prosthetic limbs, dental implants, build eco-friendly homes and more. Why not consider using this type of technology to advance a country medically? Consider all the lives that are now being saved because of 3D printing!

For more information on the latest news reports and other 3D printing revelations, be sure to visit back with our blog in the near future! We will continue bringing you more stories!

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