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Value Engineering in MEP Coordination


In the earlier blog post we discussed, What is Value Engineering & Revamping Construction Projects with Value Engineering?

MEP coordination services are one of the aspects of the Construction workflow that can effectively benefit from Value Engineering. The Value Engineering Methodology can play an important role in optimizing the design and layout of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) systems.

Is your MEP project becoming more expensive than planned expenses?

MEP requires extensive coordination and integration of all building services (Mechanical, Electrical, Ventilation, and HVAC) services. This typically leads to clashes between MEP systems, site-based delays & disputes and noticeable time lag. The result is soaring prices for your projects.

Value Engineering can help you unlock potential cost savings in your MEP design through a comprehensive methodology of analyzing project requirements to lower total costs through capital, staffing, energy and maintenance expenses. Alternate designs, materials and workflows to optimize your project needs.

Value Engineering the Right Way

Value engineering is a systematic approach to analyze your design and determine better alternatives to achieving maximum return on time & money invested and find the best value for all of your projects.

However, Value Engineering is often misinterpreted as going for the cheaper product or excluding non-essential/critical components to save money. This approach is very wrong as it never focuses on the consequences which follow the change.

Design your Building Layout “First time RIGHT”

Three Value Engineering methods to enhance and optimize MEP Coordination

1. Design Calculations

The conceptual or design phase of any project gives you the best opportunity to optimize your project goals for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.


  • Analyze and select the most cost-effective option for your MEP design layouts. Accuracy is the key factor in designing dynamic MEP systems.
  • Define the MEP/HVAC critical components, subsystems, and systems. Identify and analyze MEP/HVAC systems during construction and refurbishment. In depth analysis of tools and methods relevant for inspection of these components
  • Each critical MEP/HVAC component should have a relevant KPI.

2. Layout Comparison

MEP coordination is a spatial coordination and integration of many services (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Fire protection, Earthing and Grounding systems, Soil & Waste Schematics, Pipework etc.). Therefore, it is very important to ensure there are no clashes.


  • Effective and extensive Communication and collaboration with all team members is the key in designing accurate MEP systems. This is the foremost criteria to begin with to avoid clashes in the system.
  • Representation all mechanical components, spatial specifications, Functional specifications, Segregation parameters, Testing parameters and Installation guidelines to ensure that MEP systems must satisfy design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance specifications.
  • Outsourcing Partner – A trusted and experienced CAD partner can add value to your economic plan by delivering efficient & precise MEP drawings and 3D models. As a substantial part of work is repetitive and requires comprehensive documentation in MEP designs, outsourcing these activities has been proven value conscious. The CAD partner works as your extended team and ensures access to a large pool of CAD talent, quick TAT (turnaround time) integration with your in-house team and proves to be cost-efficient as well.

3. Efficient Solutions

MEP systems is the lifeline of buildings, be it Commercial, Residential, Healthcare, Industrial and more. It is therefore important to develop these systems with paramount precision and skill. Designs for MEP systems should be analyzed, validated and perfected for sustainable solutions.


  • Create object oriented virtual 3D models to enhance MEP coordination and restrict clashes and impedance.
  • It is recommended to Decentralize design accountability and increase productivity and coordination with a specialized CAD partner.
  • Make sure your CAD partner is experienced and familiar with the global standards and codes.
  • Views, sections and detailed drawings to be produced easily and quickly for proactive analysis of design.

Read More: What Is Value Engineering in Construction

Value engineering in MEP Coordination typically uses specialized vendors for producing the design drawings as specific technical skills are required for each aspect of the MEP system. It has been proven that Outsourcing these services to an experienced CAD partner can provide high value outputs. At a zero-setup cost you can get access to a large pool of skilled and experienced CAD talent, quicker TAT (turnaround time), and cost-efficient solutions to add value to your MEP Coordination system.

INDOVANCE Inc supports our clients with complete MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) layout solutions for the entire project, be it HVAC layouts, wastewater layout, plumbing risers, sanitary sewer, or electric layouts.

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website or contact us on +1-919-238-4044.

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