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Ways Home Builders Can Benefit From BIM

BIM ServiceDid you know that over 70 percent of home builders use BIM (business information modeling) in designing and planning processes? That’s right. An increasing number of builders are taking advantage of BIM, every day.

This process is used to create a virtual model of a home. This model offers a 3D display of the home. It also offers a vast amount of information about various structures, components, and materials to help with each stage of construction; from planning and designing to the end.

If you’re a contractor and unfamiliar with how this can help you in the overall process of building a home, consider the following benefits.

Home Builder Benefits From BIM

Specifics — BIM-based home models are created in a site-specific manner that offers full details of the site and accurate material counts. This helps lower the mistakes and over-budgeting issues that can come with building a home.

Marketing — This type of modeling offers a way to show a 3D walk-through of a home before it’s even built. This helps market homes that have yet to be constructed. It’s also great for helping keep customers in the loop and updated about the status of their homes.

Customized — Design flexibility and customization is easy and doesn’t add extra costs for re-designs or add-ons.

Problem Elimination — Checking for plumbing, mechanical, or structural issues is easy. You’ll be able to localize errors, upfront, before construction starts. This eliminates construction changes that often happen on-site. In addition, the costs for these changes are eliminated, as well.

Builders have a great advantage when working with building information modeling. If you’re unsure of the benefits, still, consider outsourcing your these needs to a company like Indovance. We offer the following services for architectural needs:

  • Utility drawings
  • Schematic design support
  • Project categories
  • Permit drawings
  • Landscape
  • Interior layout and detailing
  • Construction documentation
  • Concept development support
  • As–built set
  • Animations
  • 3D renderings

In addition, we offer the following benefits, via BIM services, as well:

  • Taking out quantities for cut & fill for earth calculations
  • Structural Revit services
  • Residential
  • Point cloud to BIM conversion
  • Parametric family creation
  • MEP Revit services
  • Design development/ Construction documentation set with any LOD
  • Creating renderings and walkthroughs
  • Creating phasing models
  • Commercial
  • CAD to BIM conversion
  • Abstracting quantity takeoffs from models

World-Class BIM Service

If you’ve thought about outsourcing for your BIM needs, it’s time to consider working with a company that can offer you quality, cost-efficient work in a time-efficient manner. Contact us today, to talk more about working with Indovance and our outsourcing services. In addition to all our other outsourcing services, Indovance is proud to offer engineering outsourcing, BIM service, and more, to your business to help with costly project planning, designing, and constructing.

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