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Ways to Make Sure Your Data is Secure

Ways to Make Sure Your Data is Secure

Are you worried about storing invaluable data either online or with an external hard drive? Do you fear that the cloud storage process might put documents and information at risk? Do you constantly worry that your hard drive will crash? If so, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that your data is secure without worry.

Encrypted Data

Storing your data using encryption with a key that only you know will help secure things immensely. Just be sure to choose a device or cloud service that does allow you to customize the coding.

Back Up

In order to ensure you have a safe, secure way to save your data, make sure you back it up regularly, several different ways. Use an external hard drive and a second cloud or a data storage facility. Just be sure that the facility offers various options like backup power sources and air conditioning in case its needed.

Strong Passwords

Never underestimate the power of a strong password. As one security method that gets overlooked, entrepreneur.com states, “Implementing strong passwords is the easiest thing you can do to strengthen your security. [Kent] Cloutier shares his tip for crafting a hard-to-crack password: use a combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols and make it 8 to 12 characters long.”


This is a sure way to secure data. A firewall will guard your network by regulating the internet traffic that comes in and out of your business. When purchasing firewalls, make sure to use brand names that are credited.

There are also other ways to protect our data as well. These are the most common, yet overlooked ways to ensure information is safe.

  • Update all programs and computers regularly
  • Purchase anti-virus programs
  • Educate employees on security
  • Be wary of suspicious emails
  • Keep internet surfing to verified sites only

Fully securing your company’s data is possible, but it takes a great deal of effort from everyone involved. Devices and computers must be secured, encryption codes should be in place and multiple backup options should be available, as well.

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