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What’s new in Revit 2016?

Revit 2016The release of Revit 2016 was an extremely low key affair. This time around it’s almost difficult to find out what’s new. New features have been added to improve the modelling, analysis, documentation, and collaboration capabilities. Following are some of the new features:

The User Interface: The user interface has been updated to maximize the efficiency of users. For example, you can now quickly open the sheet where a view is placed from the Project Browser. An Open Sheet option is added to the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a view in the Project Browser. When you save a model and close the application, the pan and zoom states for each view are remembered. And, when you start the application again, the views will have the same zoom factor, helping you save time during your normal workflows.

Modelling: The new release of has majority of the features and enhancements are related to modelling. These are improvements that will help you design the building models more efficiently. On the Architecture side, there is a Place Rooms Automatically tool, similar to the Place Spaces Automatically tool. On the Structure side, there are several updates too, the favourite being the ability to lock rebar parallel to a host face by pressing SHIFT.

Analysis: The energy analysis tools in Revit have always been evolving; new things to account for and better ways to view and interpret data. One of the updates this year is the tool’s ability to run energy simulations with mass models and building elements together.

Documentation: You can document your designs in new and improved way, for example, addition of the Selection Box tool. This tool allows you to isolate elements in an unobstructed 3D view. You select elements, click the Selection Box tool, and it places a section box around the selected elements in a 3D view. That way, you can see just the selected elements in a 3D view.

Collaboration: As is the case with some other key features, collaboration is always a focus of Autodesk. Whether it’s communicating with other team members inside of Revit, or working with someone using other Autodesk products, or sharing models across other building design applications.


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