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Why Outsourcing CAD Services to India make more sense than ever?


CAD Outsourcing Services come to mind when it comes to CAD Design or Drafting Services. The current market is completely dependent on project outsourcing, and it’s all about understanding their objectives and demands. In order to complete a construction project smoothly and efficiently, accurate, high-quality drawings and documentation are required. Working with top CAD outsourcing businesses will help you optimize your processes and build outstanding facilities in 2022 and beyond.

CAD Outsourcing has become a modern business strategy that facilitates fulfilling the client’s expectations and goals. Secondly, collaborating with a specialized CAD partner will not only help you make significant profits but also maintain global industry standards and project delivery schedules. Compared to foreign firms, Indian CAD Design and Drafting firms are far more capable of producing work and services at the best competitive cost and within the agreed-upon project deadline.

India offers a huge pool of advanced engineers, designers, and drafters that can pick up on product and process specifics early on. When we say “early stage,” we’re referring to the design stage. When CAD Drafting services are outsourced, the manager can ensure that the work’s appropriate resources are allocated for accurate delivery, which includes improvements in the design level and working to achieve the best outcomes.

For most firms, 2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic with all its uncertainties pushed things even further, bringing new outsourcing patterns to the spotlight. More AEC firms are outsourcing CAD design services to India for cost-effective solutions and consistent quality standards.

Advantages of CAD Outsourcing Services to India

CAD Outsourcing is an excellent strategy to assist your company as it grows again through its many stages. In truth, some of the world’s largest corporations outsource portions of their work. You should establish a comfortable balance of in-house staff and outsourced resources to ensure constant growth and productivity. 

Outsourcing CAD Services to India equips you with a team of professionals who are familiar with the needs and standards of the global AEC industry. They can assist and advise you on any improvements or adjustments needed in the ongoing project or any new project, based on their expertise and years of experience.

The advantages of collaborating with specialized CAD Outsourcing Consultants or a CAD outsourcing service provider for your project are listed below.

1. Access to Global Talent and the Latest CAD Tools

Bringing experience talent in-house is a challenge for any company. By outsourcing CAD services, your company may select from a pool of top talent and assemble a team of the best. These professionals have years of expertise in creating highly accurate drawings and can rapidly learn your work style. 

Investing in the most up-to-date CAD tools and software all the time might be expensive. Also, training your internal employees on how to use these tools is both costly and time-consuming. These tools and software are already at the disposal of seasoned outsourcing organizations, and they employ resources that are familiar with them. Their in-depth understanding of the CAD program enables you to accomplish projects on time while keeping the high quality you’re recognized for.

2. Compliant with Global Standards

In the design and engineering industry, compliant facilities are critical to your success. When you outsource CAD drafting to people that design on a global scale, you get structured models that meet international standards. This means you may get better outcomes faster and at a lower cost while retaining your commitment to quality and accuracy.

3. Quick Turnarounds with Time Zone Differences

When you work on high-profile projects, your reputation is always on the line. Meeting project deadlines and access to expertise are the biggest challenges faced. Bringing in outside expertise, such as CAD outsourcing service providers, provides for efficient management of these and other parts of a business.

In addition, due to time zone differences, the outsourcing partner working as your extended arm can work on projects and handle problems outside of the original company’s business hours. A firm in the United States may close its doors every evening, but its CAD outsourcing partner in India is only starting started on a new day. The nearly opposite operation hours allow for a steady flow of assignments, deliverables, and results that benefit the client and their customers.

Simply said, if you have a robust follow-up procedure in place, you will always be able to complete your projects on time.

4. Focus on Core Competency

Outsourcing allows a company to complete specific tasks that would otherwise be performed in-house by transferring cumbersome tasks to C – Level Executives. They should have the flexibility and capacity to address significant problems, leverage their core skills to grow their market share and concentrate on the activities that will assure their growth and sustainability.

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Your ability to work across various projects is massively enhanced when you have access to a global market of experts. CAD Outsourcing partners have vast experience having worked on hundreds of projects and can support you in projects you require CAD expertise. Rework is minimal at this professional level, allowing you to boost the pace with which your company completes projects.

6. Cost-Effective and Efficient

By bringing together the talents of designers from all over the world, you may gain access to smart design and engineering approaches that would otherwise be unavailable. This will allow you to improve the overall efficiency of both your team and your projects. You can also save office space, save money on AutoCAD and other software licensing, and enhance your bottom line by outsourcing CAD services.

Think BIG with Indovance, GROW your Business with a Global CAD Partner

Increasing a company’s capacity to accelerate procedures gives it a competitive advantage in the market. Allowing a company’s process to be streamlined is the best way to keep your customers pleased and your business thriving.

Outsourcing should be considered for operations with escalating expenses. An outsourcing company can often provide proper management and care, ensuring that all parties’ goals are satisfied. It’s crucial to guarantee that expectations are met and surpassed.

Small firms are always advised to choose Outsourcing for cost-saving and better resource management, hire a full-time dedicated CAD drafter and focus on their core activity of surveying.

For Mid-Size firms, Scalability can be a boon of Outsourcing. Scale up or down in a jiffy as per your project requirements with no hassle of recruitment and training.

For a Large firm, outsourcing is more of a strategic alliance with a CAD partner to cut cost and stay one step ahead in this competitive market.

INDOVANCE Inc with its exclusive delivery hub in India is a global CAD outsourcing partner serving the needs of the AEC industry since 2003. At INDOVANCE we focus on the unique need of each project or client and believe in addressing the real challenges and guarantee that the process will be well-coordinated, smooth, efficient, and hassle-free. Ultimately this will save you a ton of time, money, and energy. Our team at Indovance is skilled, experienced, and passionate about the work we do, and you can always expect dedication, punctuality, oneness, and complete professionalism when you come to us.

Having 18+ of experience in the AEC industry has made us realize that providing Outsourcing services is more than quality and cost. It is an overall experience that we want our clients to relish. INDOVANCE works as your extended virtual arm, aligning with your culture & processes, and firmly believes in the concept of ONENESS for mutual Growth.

The INDOVANCE experience entails more than simply outsourcing for cost savings, we believe in building trust & friendship to establish long-lasting relationships.

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com, or contact us at +1-919-238-4044.


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