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10 Steps to BIM Continued

BIM Modeling ServicesBuilding Information Model (BIM) is a process that increases productivity and the quality of work for any and all construction firms. While the process isn’t required in the U.S., in 2016, any European firms that work with government construction projects will be required to use BIM. Required or not, the use of this system is very beneficial. In our last blog post, we talked about the first steps to implementing the process into your current workforce.

Below, we discuss the final steps to take with BIM modeling services.

Documentation. It’s important to make sure your BIM team documents every step of the way. That way, as your pilot program progresses, you’ll be able to create standards. It’s difficult to solidify standards until after the pilot stage is complete. You’ll be able to evolve ideas of standards along the way.

Project Leaders. During the pilot stage, you’ll need to pay attention to employees and how they learn. Choose leaders based on those who progress well and those that are excited about learning and implementing the process of BIM modeling services.

Take Your Time. It’s understandable that you’d like to get BIM up and running as quickly as possible, but, the reality is, sometimes it takes a while. Transitioning into using the system might take a year or more. Training shouldn’t be rushed. Once you have your leaders and documentation of standards, you’ll be able to take your time and train as needed.

Sharing. Being able to share models and projects with other firms that use BIM is a great gain. Once you’re ready to share, make sure you take advantage of this benefit! You’ll be able to coordinate processes and collaborate on a whole other level.

Expand. Once standards are in place and leaders have been elected to head up the BIM team, you can move on with expansions and innovations. New coordination, analysis abilities and visualizations will be endless! You’ll be able to offer new services, cut costs and please your clients without hesitation. Advertise the fact that your company is BIM capable and ready to meet the needs of all who hope to hire the best construction firm available!

We hope the breakdown of how to get started with BIM helps your firm in the overall transition of using the process. If you are interested in learning more about BIM, especially outsourcing the services through an outside vendor such as Indovance, contact us, today.

Dependable BIM Modeling Services That Save Money and Time – Indovance

Those that are interested in lowering costs within their business might want to consider outsourcing all BIM and CAD needs. When you outsource CAD needs, you’re able to decrease your drawing time as well as gain the ability to outsource engineering or architectural needs. All you have to do is trust Indovance to offer you the best outsourcing services available!

Call us today, to learn more about each and every outsourcing service we offer to businesses that want to grow and succeed to new levels while lowering overhead costs and gaining profitability! You won’t be sorry you decided to take advantage of our AutoCAD and other CAD drafting services!

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