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What’s in store for Fusion 360 in 2023? Here’s a look at the road ahead!

In the 3-dimensional world of computer-aided design (CAD), Fusion 360 has emerged as a game-changer, empowering designers and engineers worldwide to give life to their concepts. As technology advances exponentially, it’s only natural to wonder what lies ahead for Fusion 360 and how it will continue to shape the future of design.  

Autodesk recently revealed some of the features and improvements they plan to add to Fusion 360 in 2023. These features promise to optimize workflows and enhance collaboration and the overall working experience on the tool.  

Let’s dive in! 

What’s coming to Fusion 360 in 2023 

Fusion 360 offers a host of benefits like comprehensive design functionality, generative design, parametric design capabilities, and more. It brings immense advantages to both electrical and mechanical engineers, offering unparalleled flexibility, robust design tools, and advanced simulation capabilities that significantly enhance their productivity and workflow efficiency. You might be interested in reading about how Toyota is using Fusion 360 to create seat-frames that are more comfortable, safer, and sustainable. 

Getting back to the future of the software, Autodesk will focus on 3 key areas- 

  • Unifying Workflows: They will work on unifying separated workflows to create an efficient work environment that will enable professionals to be more agile in their work.  
  • Connect Cloud Data: Reinforce their common data platform and expand their API to enable more third-party applications to integrate with the software. 
  • Increase Quality and Automation: Their plan also includes improving the quality, stability, and performance of Fusion 360, while simultaneously automating time-consuming tasks, allowing users to prioritize what truly matters. 

Updates to design and engineering, and electronics  

Furthermore, their focus will be on enabling time-dependent performance insights, enhancing collaboration workflows between mechanical and PCB design, and improving the user experience for default preferences. Efforts will also be directed towards enhancing performance, usability, accuracy of Bill of Materials (BOM), and component handling efficiency. 

Manufacturing-related updates 

As for manufacturing capabilities, milling will be under the spotlight. “This year, we’re prioritizing projects that contribute towards turn/mill and milling. We’ll also be putting more focus on delivering a more seamless CAD/CAM experience, making sure important data is kept throughout the workflow, completing tool definitions, as well as continuing to push our automation capabilities,” Autodesk stated in their roadmap. 

Real-time collaboration 

As stated above, they will work on strengthening a common data platform for better connectivity and real-time collaboration between teams. 

Source- Autodesk Fusion 360 on YouTube.

Autodesk is also working to bring native Apple Silicon support to Fusion 360. Back in March, they released AutoCAD for Mac 2024 offering native support for both Intel and Apple silicon architectures, including the M1 and M2 chips. Their testing of Apple Silicon support for Fusion 360 has shown “significant performance and stability gains.” 

The company says these features, improvements, and fixes will come in the form of product updates throughout the year. Their exact release dates will be confirmed later. Moreover, users will have the ability to snooze these updates for two weeks to avoid interruptions. 

In the remaining months of 2023, Fusion 360 users can eagerly anticipate a wealth of updates and features. These enhancements promise to deliver streamlined workflows, amplified collaboration, enhanced performance, and expanded capabilities, enabling users to further push the boundaries of creativity and productivity. 

Autodesk’s effort to connect workflows 

Autodesk is working on enhancing connectivity between different workflows on their tools. With these updates to Fusion 360, they want to build Autodesk Fusion. It will be a common platform for design and manufacturing professionals to collaborate on their work.  

Similarly, they launched Autodesk Forma last week. Forma targets the planning phase of any AEC project. It is a cloud-based platform that comes with freeform building design tools, automation tools, and real-time data analysis. With these tools, users can simulate different design intents and choose the one that’s most efficient and sustainable! 

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