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Benefits of Using Pro/ENGINEER, or PTC Creo

PTC Creo, formerly known as Pro/ENGINEER, is 3D modeling software used in mechanical engineering, design, manufacturing, and in CAD drafting service firms. It was one of the first 3D CAD modeling applications that used a rule-based parametric system. Using parameters, dimensions and features to capture the behavior of the product, it can optimize the development product as well as the design itself.

The name was changed in 2010 from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to Creo. It was announced by the company who developed it, Parametric Technology Company (PTC), during the launch of its suite of design products that includes applications such as assembly modeling, 2D orthographic views for technical drawing, finite element analysis and more.

PTC Creo says it can offer a more efficient design experience than other modeling software because of its unique features including the integration of parametric and direct modeling in one platform. The complete suite of applications span the spectrum of product development, giving designers options to use in each step of the process. The software also has a more user friendly interface that provides a better experience for designers. It also has collaborative capacities that make it easy to share designs and make changes.

There are countless benefits to using PTC Creo. We’ll take a look at them in this two-part series.

First up, the biggest advantage is increased productivity because of its efficient and flexible design capabilities. It was designed to be easier to use and have features that allow for design processes to move more quickly, making a designer’s productivity level increase.

Part of the reason productivity can be increased is because the package offers tools for all phases of development, from the beginning stages to the hands-on creation and manufacturing. Late stage changes are common in the design process, but PTC Creo can handle it. Changes can be made that are reflected in other parts of the process.

The collaborative capability of the software also makes it easier and faster to use. One of the reasons it can process information more quickly is because of the interface between MCAD and ECAD designs. Designs can be altered and highlighted between the electrical and mechanical designers working on the project.

The time saved by using PTC Creo isn’t the only advantage. It has many ways of saving costs. For instance, the cost of creating a new product can be lowered because the development process is shortened due to the automation of the generation of associative manufacturing and service deliverables.

PTC also offers comprehensive training on how to use the software. This can save businesses by eliminating the need to hire new employees. Their training program is available online and in-person, but materials are available to access anytime.

A unique feature is that the software is available in 10 languages. PTC knows they have people from all over the world using their software, so they offer it in multiple languages so nearly anyone who wants to use it is able to do so.

Check out the next part in this series to find out more in-depth benefits of using PTC Creo from a designer’s standpoint.


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