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Cintoo Cloud announced as Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration Partner


Cintoo Cloud announced that it has been confirmed as an Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner.  

Cintoo is the market leader in providing a cutting-edge SaaS-based cloud solution for managing reality capture data, such as laser scanning, for the construction, architectural, and engineering disciplines. 

Cintoo Cloud is now an essential component of how the AEC industry collaborates with stakeholders and delivers value to the clients. The technology is compatible with Faro, Leica, or Reigl scanners data and integrates with design solutions such as BIM 360.  

Cintoo Cloud not only saves our company time, but it has also improved our communication with non-technical stakeholders and proven to be a critical tool for quality assurance. It is impossible to overstate the impact Cintoo Cloud has had on the productivity of the AEC industry. 

Cintoo is contributing its in-depth expertise and thought leadership in reality capture to promote the combined use of Autodesk Construction Cloud and Cintoo Cloud for all facets of design and construction as a pioneer in encouraging collaborative efforts and offering cloud-based resources in the fields of digital design and construction.  

BIM or CAD files can be easily uploaded to Cintoo Cloud for comparison with the mesh-based laser scan and drone data. They can then be compared to the as-built conditions to evaluate them against the intended design. Cintoo intends to promote reality data adoption to aid builders in reducing costs by guaranteeing that what is being built is by the plans by joining the Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner program. 

Users of the browser-based Cintoo Cloud can view high-resolution 3D scans and models from “anywhere” thanks to its “unique” point cloud-to-mesh technology and “TurboMesh” streaming engine. The business asserts that Cintoo Cloud enables 3D manipulation of even high-resolution data (billions of points) from massive projects (thousands of scans) without quality loss or data simplification. Cintoo Cloud can be used to contrast “as-built” mesh-based laser scan and drone data with as-designed BIM or CAD files.  

The platform can read point cloud data from Autodesk ReCap or any other point cloud program that employs the Autodesk RCP or E57 exchange standard and will convert it to 3D meshes (one mesh per scan spot) before uploading. Cintoo claims that doing so minimizes the size of the point cloud data that needs to be uploaded by 10 to 30 times. 

The system provides visualization features in 2D or 3D, with RGB, X-ray, height map, or 3D Surface display modes, revealing a degree of scan detail never previously seen after being converted into 3D meshes and uploaded to the cloud. 

Cintoo Cloud can be used to compare “as-built” mesh-based laser scan and drone data with as-designed BIM or CAD files. 

Cintoo Cloud  

Cintoo Cloud provides a cloud-based SaaS solution for managing 3D scanned data collected from real-world spaces and processes to companies working in AEC, Digital Twin, and Industry 4.0. The Cintoo solution is hardware agnostic, supporting static and mobile laser scan data, drone data, and 360 panoramic images. It is browser-based, allowing anyone, expert or not, to access high-resolution 3D scans and models from any location at any time. 

Cintoo Cloud employs a one-of-a-kind point cloud-to-mesh engine that prioritizes scan accuracy and density. It is linked to Autodesk Construction Cloud to enable QA/QC and issue-tracking workflows when comparing as-builts to designs. 

To compare your as-built scan data to a BIM or CAD model with this direct integration, you may upload your models or import them from your account. It also has asset management features. 

Cintoo Cloud is a platform for managing and collaborating with Reality Data on the cloud. Large point cloud data may now be shared, collaborated on, and distributed with clients, contractors, and your team thanks to the conversion of the data into 3D meshes. 

Once the point cloud data is out, anyone with a basic laptop and a WebGL browser can modify it in three dimensions. 

The Cintoo Cloud can be set up in private data centers behind secure firewalls, or it can be put on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. 

A Windows program called Cintoo Connect is used to link computers to Cintoo Cloud. It is used to quickly upload scan project data to Cintoo Cloud and translate that data into Cintoo Reality Data from the desktop to the cloud. 

Cintoo Connect will download Cintoo Reality Data from the cloud to the desktop and convert it into point cloud data that can be used by most CAD programs. 

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