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Energy Construction Boasts Over 45,000 New Job Opportunities in 2022

The energy industry’s allure stems from various factors – a growing recognition of the urgent need to transition towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, which has in turn sparked a surge in renewable energy projects, modernization of existing infrastructure, and construction of new energy facilities. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals in energy construction has skyrocketed.

The latest report from the US Department of Energy (DOE) reflects this sentiment. In the 2023 US Energy and Employment Report (USEER)over 45,263 new jobs were added to energy construction in 2022. The AEC industry, with its ever-expanding scope and vision for a greener future, is emerging as a vibrant hub for new job opportunities!

Energy Efficiency Jobs Leads in Energy Construction

From the total 45,263 new jobs in energy construction, energy efficiency-related jobs had the biggest count of 23,729 positions. Following closely are transmission, storage, and distribution-related roles at 13,989, with electric power-related jobs at 6,660, and fuel-related positions at 885. These figures reflect a notable focus on integrating energy-efficient practices and technologies into the construction industry.

Here are the sectors in construction energy which saw most job openings

One avenue that stands out is jobs related to cleaner transportation in construction, which reported 0 new openings in the year. It is important to note that developments in clean transport options, such as hydrogen fuel cell technology and electric vehicles (EVs), have the potential to benefit the construction industry and aid in its decarbonization efforts.

The desire to contribute to a greener future has become increasingly important. By taking up jobs in energy construction, professionals can actively and directly participate in the transition toward a greener future. There is now a need to focus on designs that are adaptable, resilient, and environmentally conscious. The future of building design is in the hands of AEC professionals, and they are at the forefront of incorporating renewable energy systems, using the latest technologies, and implementing sustainable building practices. They will have the opportunity to create designs that optimize resource utilization, minimize environmental impact, and promote long-term sustainability. 

It’s also worth noting that 59% of non-unionized construction firms faced challenges in finding workers, while 31% of union construction firms encountered similar difficulties.

Construction is the Second Biggest Contributor to New Energy Jobs

According to USEER, the construction industry is the second-largest contributor to new energy-related jobs, playing a significant role in the overall growth of the energy jobs market. It follows behind the Mining and Extraction industry, which leads with 107,029 jobs, all in the fuels sector.

Construction is the Second Biggest Contributor to New Energy Jobs

The 2023 USEER reveals substantial growth in the energy workforce, with nearly 300,000 new jobs added from 2021 to 2022 (+3.8%). The report further states that clean energy jobs grew across all 50 states and D.C., with the top three states for growth being-

  • California- 13,000 jobs (+3.2%)
  • West Virginia – 7,000 jobs (+19%)
  • Texas- 5,100 jobs (+3.5%)

This trend indicates an increasing emphasis placed on the energy sector as organizations strive to achieve their net-zero targets. It is encouraging to witness the construction industry leading the charge in this regard. 

Future of Green Jobs in the Construction Industry

A focus on sustainability, coupled with the increasing demand for renewable energy projects and infrastructure development, has made energy construction an attractive field. We can expect growth, providing promising career opportunities in the future.

In the report, U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm said, “Today’s report shows that the clean energy transition is accelerating, with job growth across every pocket of America, and that unionized employers are filling these new positions with much more ease than non-unionized employers. 

“Thanks to President Biden’s historic Investing in America agenda, we expect to see steady growth of jobs to make and build a resilient and clean energy system offering good-paying and secure employment opportunities to America’s workers across the country,” she added.

Reflecting on the USEER, the surge in energy-related jobs will have significant implications for the workforce and the overall economy. Job seekers are encouraged to explore the possibilities within the energy sector, leveraging their skills and passions to contribute to a greener future. The energy industry continues to evolve, creating a landscape of opportunity and offering the potential for personal and professional growth.

The addition of over 45,000 new jobs in energy construction represents a step forward in addressing the desire for job growth and the problem of unemployment. As states such as California, West Virginia, and Texas witness an increase in clean energy job opportunities, the construction industry can tap into this growth to address its labor shortage. Clean energy projects will open new avenues for employment and career development for engineers, technicians, project managers, and construction workers. 

The transformative impact of energy construction presents a bright future, where individuals can find stability, contribute to sustainable development, and shape their careers in a thriving industry.

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