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Hilti Unveils BIM-Powered Service Suite for Solving Construction Challenges

The construction industry is changing, and it’s characterized by an emphasis on sustainability, innovative project approaches, and worker safety. With that in mind, Hilti, a global construction solutions provider, has unveiled its BIM-powered Integrated Project Solutions (IPS). It’s a services suite designed to address construction challenges and streamline projects across different phases.

Space constraints? Unsuitable loading conditions? Building code compliance issues? IPS has you covered! It can address these concerns, leading to enhanced coordination, more efficient scheduling, and improved cost and quality control for our valued customers. So, how does IPS do it?

Like an Answer Book to Construction Challenges

Hilti’s IPS comes with Integrated Design Services, offering 3D visualizations, expert engineering support, and BIM technology that complies with industry standards. The goal is to optimize Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) installations, including multi-trade supports with firestop solutions, even before the construction phase starts, saving material, minimizing on-site improvisation, and reducing construction time.

IPS also includes pre-fabrication services. These are conducted by specialists in prefabrication centers, enabling Hilti to deliver fully customized and pre-assembled materials and components. This approach reduces cutting, assembly, and installation time by up to 50%, and material wastage by up to 20%.

Furthermore, IPS offers expert guidance, advanced tools, and digital services to minimize construction hazards. The suite includes Hilti’s very own Jaibot Drilling Robot, capable of handling repetitive and precise drilling tasks in high-risk areas, enhancing safety and productivity. Robotics has found its niche in the AEC industry, effectively addressing repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and significantly cutting project timelines.

As for sustainability-related issues, IPS provides resources and expertise with a project’s environmental performance in mind. Recently, Hilti collaborated with Merck to show how IPS helps in reducing the environmental impact of a project. Hilti’s team of project managers, lead engineers, and modelers, created digital twins of the project using BIM, allowing them to anticipate and address potential overlaps between different trades during the planning phase. This approach, in conjunction with transparent carbon footprint data and the precision of the BIM material list, enabled IPS to help Merck conserve up to 50% of materials and significantly lower CO2 emissions by 120 tons.

New Age Construction – Powered by Digitization and Automation

Automation and digitization aren’t just buzzwords in construction, they are forces that represent growth. Integration of digital tools, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and modern technologies are streamlining processes, improving project efficiency, and enhancing overall project management. As the industry embraces these innovations, firms are witnessing the benefits in the form of reduced project timelines, lower costs, increased safety, and enhanced quality control.

Firms are now better equipped to handle complex projects, meet regulatory standards, and deliver higher quality work. Construction once considered one of the more traditional sectors is now at the forefront of innovation, and as firms continue to embrace these technological advancements, the future of construction looks brighter than ever.

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