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Importance of Construction Documents and Services (CD Sets)

Importance of Construction Documents and Services (CD Sets)

Building design and development is a complex process that requires several sets of documents during its lifecycle. As a result, all of these drawings are essential for the building’s completion and ongoing maintenance.

Design and construction are two independent but related, generally sequential functions. The first task is to create documents, and the last task is the interpretation and transformation of these documents into reality—a building or building complex.

In most building projects, the design phase consists of three stages, Schematic design (SD) stage, Design development (DD) stage, and Construction document (CD) stage.

What are Construction Documents?

The architect and consultants create their own sets of drawings during the CD stage, which are referred to as construction drawings. Construction documents are sized drawings that completely demarcate the structure (usually computer generated). They are composed of floors, floors, lifts, sections, timetables and various details.

The details show a small part of the building, which cannot be described adequately in smaller plans, heights or sections. They identify each part and where it will be installed when the building is finished. The design team therefore decides “what” and “where” of the Based on the contractor’s entire field of application, the “How” and “When” (means, methods and sequences) are.

The CD (Construction Documentation) Set typically includes the following sheets:

  • Site Plan or Survey
  • Demolition Floor Plan(s) & Elevation(s)
  • Foundation Plan(s)
  • Floor Plan(s)
  • Framing Plan(s)
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Roof Plan(s)
  • Building and/or Wall Sections
  • Title sheet specs
  • MEP details
  • Structural details
  • Electrical & Lighting Plans
  • Plan & Section Details
  • Door & Window Schedules

If Interiors are included in the project, then the following drawings may be included:

  • Interior Elevations (bath accessory placement and wall tile layouts)
  • Enlarged Floors Plans (plumbing and floor tile layouts)
  • Selection Schedule (cataloguing tile, countertop, and plumbing sections)
  • Material, Fixture, and Appliance Specification
  • Cabinetry details

Construction Documents must be produced while keeping in mind the materials, processes, and specifications or codes that must be followed to the letter in order to construct a building. These records ensure the accuracy of details for all construction activities on-site and are crucial in securing government approvals. Traditionally, construction drawings were hand-drawn to scale and made.

These construction records, also known as CD sets, are now produced with digital CAD platforms, thanks to the advancement in construction technology and digitization.

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Benefits of Construction Documentation

Construction documentation services are advantageous in a number of ways. Some of these advantages are discussed further below:

1. Precedence for future ventures

If a detailed documentation collection is prepared and stored today, handling similar types of projects in the future becomes much simpler and easier. The design team may quickly consult existing documentation and sketches for the design model, construction specifics, or material types and specifications, and propose a solution without wasting time or effort.

2. Legal protection

An architectural firm is still on the verge of being sued by one of their clients in the future. This may be in the event of a disagreement with the client or a misunderstanding about the building’s obligations. Maintaining meticulous construction paperwork for all contractual information and requirements will provide legal protection.

3. Operations & Maintenance

Using design documentation services can help both the architect and the client during the building’s maintenance and operation phases. A well-prepared documentation package would include all design specifics, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) details and material specifications; it would be extremely helpful if a decision were to be made at a later point because the necessary information would be readily accessible.

INDOVANCE Inc has been offering high-quality Architectural construction documentation and services to Architects, Design Consultants, and Builders. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail as these drawings are the primary vehicle for communicating design intent, guiding construction, and securing accurate bids.

With our exclusive delivery center in Pune (India), we provide a sharp competitive edge to our global clients by understanding their project requirements and efficiently communicating to ensure error-free work and on-time delivery. The Architectural CAD drafting services we offer caters to the needs of clients ranging from project owners to contractors and subcontractors.

Established in 2003, we have grown to serve the AEC Industry and completed diverse projects across the USA, Canada, UK, and the Gulf area. INDOVANCE Inc strives to provide the benefits of OUTSOURCING Architectural Services to our Global clientele. 

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com or contact us on +1-919-238-4044.

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