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Importance of Land Surveying and GIS Services


Land surveying is the first phase in the construction and renovation process. A land survey and GIS services give crucial information about a plot to homeowners and property buyers. It aids in the proper acquisition of land and the development of structures and assists you in determining if the land you have purchased is excellent or not and whether it is flood-prone or faces some other challenges. It will also assist you in determining whether the seller’s deed shows the correct property size.

Therefore, right from the planning and design of land subdivisions to the final construction and landscaping, land surveyors play a critical role in land development. Land surveys can assist with a variety of activities, including determining plot sizes and preventing encroachment by adjacent properties.

What is Land Surveying & GIS?

The mapping and marking of land using mathematical skills, technology, and equipment are known as land surveying. Surveying data is used in the planning and design of all Civil Engineering projects, such as highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, and building construction.

Land surveyors work on a wide range of projects, including infrastructure planning and design, land development, and construction. They’re skilled in calculating plot size and topographic heights. Engineers, architects, town planners, geologists, and developers use the surveyor’s opinions and information to direct their work.

GIS is the framework for capturing, storing, managing, and analyzing spatial and geographical data. GIS can take any source of relevant data and turn it into an interactive map, from spreadsheets to satellites, IoT to information databases. Remote sensing data is one of the most distant sources of data for GIS.

Data collection from a distance is what remote sensing is all about. Sensors that can produce maps utilizing multiple sectors of the electromagnetic spectrum can be carried by drones, planes, and satellites. One such example is LiDAR. GIS proves to be an essential tool in surveying because precise measurements are needed to create accurate mapping systems.

Importance of Land Surveying and GIS Services

Here’s why Land Surveying & GIS Services are important for your project:

1. Understanding Topography

Before purchasing a property, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the topographical features. Engineers must conduct land surveys to detect soil and structural issues, determine flood-prone areas, and obtain accurate representations of plots. A detailed land survey will help you avoid disaster and delay or halt building.

2. Determining Plot Size

Landowners can get accurate acreage and dimension information via a survey. The most frequent type of survey, a boundary survey, also specifies lot boundaries and property corners. It defines where your estate ends and the next one begins when creating permanent property features. Fences, rooflines, and other permanent constructions are not permitted to encroach on an adjacent parcel of land.

3. Dividing a Plot of Land

If you want to divide a parcel of land into distinct lots, you’ll also require a land survey. Land surveying leads the subdivision process in the same way that it directs home improvements. A survey lays out the requirements for a property subdivision, shows how the land will be divided, and assigns identifiers to the new lots and blocks.

4. Property Upgrades

When installing permanent improvements on a plot of land, homeowners may require land surveying. This includes Pools, Fences, Driveways, Sheds, pool houses, Retaining walls, Utilities (like water or sewage tanks), etc.

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5. Compliance with City Codes and Planning Standards

Understanding the precise dimensions and topography of any site is essential for guaranteeing that your plans will adhere to building codes and town plans. If your development plan calls for adding more rooms or homes after subdividing a block, you’ll need to determine if everything will fit on the property. You must also guarantee that the project follows all city planning regulations.

In addition, if you plan to develop, subdivide, or change land use, you may need a planning permit. On the land, there may also be overlays such as wildfire, heritage, or vegetation protection. Land zoning approved land uses, and other planning documents are used to evaluate these applications. A professional land survey must be submitted in order for the proposal to be approved. All of these concerns can be addressed if your boundary lines and topographic heights are precisely measured. 

6. Better Communication before Construction

A land surveyor can take precise measurements over a wide region of land. This technology easement gives information that is utilized to plan how to develop or build on the site, as well as to keep track of local ordinances and regulations. Architects and engineers use the information gathered to precisely and safely plan landscaping, design, and structures.

7. Encroachments

As a property owner, you must be aware of any encroachments on your land. A land survey locates the property boundaries and corners, allowing you to determine the exact measurements of your property. This information may be useful in the future if there is a disagreement.

8. Renovation & Demolition

An expert land survey gives you a comprehensive picture of the property’s attributes. It pinpoints existing structures so that developers and engineers may assess whether the renovations and demolition are feasible. The survey also permits county officials to guarantee that the property is developed in accordance with local construction and building codes. While all construction projects should begin with a survey, the sort of land survey required is determined by the design plans. Site plans, for example, serve as designs for new outside constructions, while topographic surveys help with drainage and new building development.

INDOVANCE Inc is a trusted and specialized CAD outsourcing partner catering to the survey drafting needs of the construction industry since 2003. At INDOVANCE Inc, we focus on the client’s requirements and keen attention to detail to provide precise and high-quality CAD survey drafting services to our global client.

Our focused and passionate team of 150+ engineers are highly skilled, experienced, and well-versed with CAD tools and experts in preparing accurate CAD survey drawings that are customized to the project’s location and comply with the local standards and regulations. INDOVANCE Inc has almost two decades of professional experience in successfully delivering survey CAD drawings and civil site engineering drawings for Subdivisions, Residential and Commercial projects across the globe.

For more queries regarding any of the above-mentioned topics, feel free to connect with us on our website www.indovance.com, or contact us at +1-919-238-4044.

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