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Interactive Digital Signage: Future Trends to Look Out For

How are we currently interacting with the signs around us? Just by looking at them, for the most part. What about communicating with the signs? Businesses have brought some level of “interactivity” in digital signage but with modern technology evolving as rapidly as it is, there’s scope for improvement.

Signage is a form of communication. Interactive digital signages enhance the experience by transforming passive observers into active participants, inviting them to engage directly with the content displayed. Today, we will talk about new elements that can improve interactivity in digital signs and how they improve engagement and outcomes for customers and businesses alike.

Significance of Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage is a significant improvement over traditional static display. From healthcare, retail, restaurants, and beyond, everyone uses digital signage to some extent as a form of communication and marketing. Currently, we have elements such as touchscreens that enable users to navigate through content effortlessly.

It’s time to evolve. We are seeing technology advance and change business landscapes globally. We have AI chatbots to solve AEC queries, generative AI to create 3D models and whatnot. The signage industry shouldn’t lag! 

Digital signs are no longer relegated to mere informational tools but have become active participants in the customer experience journey. They facilitate immersive interactions, foster deeper engagement, and empower customers to navigate content at their own pace. Here’s how, going forward, digital signs can become better, and more interactive – 

Future trends-

  • QR Codes: Integrating QR codes into digital signage can enhance interactivity by offering instant access to additional information, exclusive promotions, or interactive experiences. By simply scanning a QR code with their smartphone, users can unlock a wealth of personalized content, engage with promotions, or even participate in interactive games or surveys, thus deepening their connection with the brand or message.
  • Touchscreen Interfaces: Touchscreen interfaces have long been a staple of interactive digital signage, enabling users to directly engage with content through intuitive gestures. To further improve interactivity, future touchscreen interfaces can leverage advancements in multi-touch technology, allowing for more complex interactions and gestures. Enhanced responsiveness and accuracy can provide users with a more immersive and fluid experience, whether they are browsing product catalogs, exploring maps, or interacting with applications.
  • Voice Input: As voice recognition technology continues to advance, integrating voice input into digital signage can offer users a hands-free, more accessible, and convenient way to interact with content. Whether it’s searching for information, making inquiries, or controlling interactive elements, voice input can streamline the user experience and cater to users who prefer verbal commands. Additionally, incorporating natural language processing capabilities can enable more sophisticated interactions and personalized responses, further enhancing the user experience.
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR): Augmented and virtual reality technologies hold immense potential for transforming digital signage into immersive and interactive experiences. By overlaying digital content onto the physical environment, AR and VR can captivate users and offer new levels of engagement. Future advancements in AR/VR technology may enable users to interact with virtual objects, explore virtual environments, or even try out products in a virtual space before making a purchase. This blurs the line between reality and digital content and enables the creation of more impactful experiences.

Moreover, the significance of interactive digital signage extends beyond enhancing customer experiences; it also presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses to gather valuable insights.

Going forward, we can see these trends in digital signage. Furthermore, by leveraging data analytics and AI-powered analytics, businesses can get insights into customer behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. This data-driven approach enables businesses to tailor content dynamically, optimize messaging strategies, and drive measurable outcomes.

The significance of interactive digital signage lies in its ability to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers, fostering meaningful connections, driving engagement, and unlocking new avenues for innovation and growth. As businesses continue to embrace this transformative technology, the potential for impactful interactions and enhanced experiences are limitless.

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