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Inventor 2024: Taking design experience to a new level


Among Autodesk’s many CAD (computer-aided design) tools, there’s Inventor which is mostly used by mechanical engineers to create 3D models of complex machine parts and assemblies. Since its release in 1999, Inventor has been adopted globally to create detailed and precise 2D drawings and 3D models, enabling professionals to visualize, test, and validate their designs in a virtual environment.

Inventor has received several updates in past that added new features and enhancements, and the latest one is no different. The Inventor 2024 update comes with some highly requested features and is aimed at improving design experience. The new update brings modeling enhancements, a new finish feature, some general enhancements, and more.

In this article, we’ll take an overview of this update.

What’s new in Inventor 2024?

Engineering workflows are all set to get faster and more efficient with Inventor 2024. One significant change is that users will now be able to add custom angled elbows (in 5-degree increments) to their rigid pipe runs. Prior to this update, the software only allowed 45- or 90-degree elbows. Also, the “J” is now the shortcut to start Joint command in assemblies, weldments, and dynamic simulation.

Parameter enhancement

A new ‘Hardness’ unit type will allow users to specify hardness in the Finish command. Users will find Brinell (HB), Knoop (HK), Rockwell (HRA), Rockwell (HRB), Rockwell (HRC), and Vickers (HV) types under Hardness. Users will also be able to export text and Boolean values (both true and false) from parameters dialogue into the iProperties tool.

Improvements to Mark feature

Video source- Autodesk Inventor on YouTube.

A behavior section has been added in the properties. There two new marking methods- Project (apply mark on all faces in its path) and Wrap (allows mark to wrap around corners or on curved geometry) and three different etch directions.

Graphic enhancements

Video source- Autodesk Inventor on YouTube.

From the application options, users can now set ‘perspective with ‘ortho faces’ as  the default view setting. Users also get the ability to rotate sectional view by clicking on toggle button from the mini toolbar and then using in-canvas overlay to rotate cuts. Inventor Studio will now render 16K x 16K images which is a notable improvement from the previous 4096 x 4096 pixels rendering output, and rendering with IBL backgrounds is now supported on GPUs with ray-tracing.

Drawing enhancements

Revision clouds are no longer in the SDK; the feature has been added to the drawing environment. Sheet name now comes under Sheet Properties tab and an icon in the Parts List dialogue will tell users if filter is applied to a parts list. Users will now be able to define Edge Symbol based on ISO 13715:2019 standard. Users will find the new Edge Symbol command in the Symbols panel of the Annotate tab, whereas the Edge symbol style features in the Style and Standard Editor .

Changes to color scheme

Users can now set color scheme settings for drawing sketch elements. New Sketch options featured under the Drafting heading will allow users to set sketch elements with different colors for the drawing environment.

Furthermore, Inventor 2024 features standards enhancements, iLogic enhancements, translators enhancements, and enhancements made in Inventor to Fusion 360 tools to improve interoperability. These updates will enhance workflows and make design process even more efficient. You can head over to Autodesk’s blog and find out everything that is new in Inventor 2024!

Apart from enhancements, several issues in Inventor were also fixed with this update. Stability when exporting BIM (Building Information Modeling) content has been improved, export to 3D PDF performance has been improved, content center display issue that occurred when using 2 monitors has been addressed, and precision issue in CC family table calculation has been fixed. There’s a separate section that talk about fixed issues with Inventor 2024. Head over there to know more.

AutoCAD on Mac 2024 runs natively on Apple and Intel architectures

Just a day ago, Autodesk released AutoCAD for Mac 2024. Users were treated to new commands, system variables, and features like Apple Silicon Support, which boosts AutoCAD performance on Apple devices with M1 and M2 chips. New commands like COPYFROMTRACE, FADEMARKUP / -FADEMARKUP, MARKUPASSIST / -MARKUPASSIST, and MARKUPIMPORT / -MARKUPIMPORT were added along with system variables like AUTOPLACEMENT, COMMENTHIGHLIGHT, and more.

These updates to CAD software’s will only make designing a more streamlined process. It will massively benefit in-house teams at different AEC firms and professionals employed at CAD outsourcing services around the globe.

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