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NavVis VLX 3 takes mobile mapping to the next level

NavVis VLX 3 takes mobile mapping to the next level

Mobile mapping has revolutionized data collection and analysis, and its applications span beyond the AEC industry. NavVis, a leader in reality capture and indoor spatial intelligence technology, recently launched the NavVis VLX 3 wearable mobile mapping system. This cutting-edge device offers advanced capabilities that enable high-quality 3D mapping in real-time.

Let us uncover the features, applications, and other details of the NavVis VLX 3 wearable mobile mapping system. With such advanced tech, the future of mobile mapping is exciting, and we will see how the VLX 3 fits into that landscape!

Features of NavVis VLX 3 

The NavVis VLX3 is equipped with advanced LiDAR scanners and intuitive software to offer a host of benefits that will make it an indispensable tool for a range of industries. Whether you’re an architect, construction professional, surveyor, or anyone in between, its features will entice you to take advantage of its cutting-edge capabilities for high-quality indoor mapping.

Highly detailed reality capture

The NavVis VLX 3 boasts two 32-layer LiDAR sensors that work together with SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithms to provide comprehensive 3D measurements and accurate point clouds of physical spaces. Additionally, the device features four top-mounted cameras that capture high-resolution, 360° images with sharp detail.

Provides feedback in real time

The VLX 3 is designed to provide live feedback and monitoring of scanning progress, ensuring that you stay up to date on the data collection process in real time. This also means that based on the received information, you can adjust your scanning path and process on the fly. This device features an intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen interface which provides easy access to the different settings and features of the device. This makes the VLX 3 an ideal choice for a range of industries.

Highly ergonomic

NavVis has placed a significant emphasis on wearer comfort with this first-of-its-kind wearable device. The wearer can comfortably scan the environment at their desired speed. The VLX 3 features the following elements for optimal scanning experience-

  • Grip pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Built-in screen
  • Forward-facing design
  • Stabilizing belt

The VLX 3 is foldable and easy to carry.

Enhanced compatibility

The VLX 3 seamlessly integrates with standard tools commonly used in the field. The device can also use Total Stations and GNSS rovers to capture control points in a local site coordinate system. The VLX 3 is designed to streamline workflows. Its compatibility allows for the efficient capture of high-quality and accurate data. 


This device also supports “national and global coordinates for precise geo-registration and alignment of datasets.” This feature is particularly useful for professionals who work on large-scale projects that span across different geographic regions. They can easily switch between national and global coordinate systems. This feature further enhances the VLX 3’s versatility and usefulness as a mobile mapping system.

On top of the above-listed features, the VLX 3 offers highly realistic texturing, the ability to detect and remove dynamic objects, and reduced point cloud noise. With these features, the VLX 3 can be used for a variety of applications like indoor mapping, BIM (Building Information Modeling), land surveying, construction site monitoring, safety inspection road surveying, highway maintenance, railway inspection, environmental monitoring, and archaeological surveying.

In the press release, Felix Reinshagen, CEO and Co-founder at NavVis said, “We’ve always pushed the boundaries of what is possible in dynamic scanning. NavVis VLX 3 is our answer to those who have been putting our technology to the test. What was once deemed impossible in the fields of surveying and laser scanning is now realities, and we are delighted to continue driving the industry forward with the launch of our brand-new device. 

What’s next for mobile mapping?

Mobile mapping is a promising avenue and with technological advancements, it is becoming more affordable, portable, accessible, and user-friendly. 

Here’s what mobile mapping might look like in the future-

  • Increased use of drones: Although drones have already demonstrated their ability to capture data efficiently and accurately from remote areas during land surveys, their use is not yet widespread. However, more and more companies will likely understand the benefits and adopt drone-based mapping solutions in the future. Drone-based mapping has the potential to make façade inspections faster and safer.
  • Integration with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR): Mobile mapping systems can be integrated with AI and AR to automate data analysis, allowing users to identify patterns and insights quickly and easily. Integrating with augmented reality (AR) technology will enable live video data feeds, offering users a more intuitive and immersive way to interact with their data.
  • Improved accuracy and precision: As the technology that powers mobile mapping systems continues to improve, users can expect higher accuracy and precision in their data, enabling more detailed and complex analysis.

Continuous advancements and efforts in mobile mapping will bring about disruptions in various industries. The AEC industry, for instance, will greatly benefit from the advancements as it will not only make data capture easier but also has the potential to enhance safety on construction sites and reduce the risk of accidents.

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