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What to Consider When Presenting Your CAD Model, Continued

If you’re asked to give a presentation on a CAD model you’ve created, but aren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck. In this two-part series, we’re helping you with the basics of demonstrating your project, whether it’s for a client or for colleagues.

In the first part, we discussed the importance of knowing who the presentation is for because it will determine how you present the information. If it’s for a client, you want to show the “whys” of what you created. If it’s for colleagues, you’ll want to show how you did it.

Now that you know who you’re speaking to, you’ll need to know what to put together based on what the audience is expecting. For affordable outsourcing CAD drafting services, call Indovance for a free quote!

What’s the reason for the presentation?

Before you start developing your presentation, you’ll need to find out exactly what the audience will want to know. If it’s for a client, reach out to see what they’re expecting. Do they want a demonstration of the completed model? Or are they there to review it and make changes? You will want to be prepared so you can provide what they’re expecting. If they want alternatives, then you will need to be able to show other options.

If you’re doing a demonstration for colleagues, find out if it’s supposed to be educational. You could be expected to go through your process as a training session for others. If it’s a project that will either be taken on by someone else or morphed into a group effort, then you may be providing background on what you’ve done so far.

Once you know how to frame the presentation, you can develop something that will provide the audience with what they need.

How are you going to present the CAD model information?

Whether you use handouts or go through the presentation on a screen, you’ll need an easy way to compile the information. PowerPoint is the standard go-to for creating presentations because it’s simple to use. You’re also able to incorporate AutoCAD files into it without having to convert the files. Make sure your slides don’t contain too much information because you are there to present it. You can review the information and provide more details as you talk, using the slides to give a basic overview.

If your meeting is informal and you’re not using A/V equipment, you will need to provide handouts of your presentation and plan to talk as the client and/or your colleagues flip through it. In this type of setting, you may encounter more questions because of the more casual situation.

If you’re doing a presentation, your audience will be more focused on you and the screen, so you will want to be prepared to talk for the allotted amount of time. You will probably have questions at the end, or you can ask for them at the end of each segment.

In either situation, provide lots of screenshots of the process to show either the “hows” for colleagues or the “whys” for clients.

Don’t stress out too much when making a CAD model presentation. If you’ve answered the questions in this series, then you can develop a presentation that will showcase your work.

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