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Slate Decision Assistant – Slate Releases New Version of AI Assistant

Giving AI complete control over our decisions might sound intimidating, but we can certainly benefit from its assistance while retaining personal oversight and judgment. In the construction industry, making the right decisions is crucial for project success. To tackle construction project complexities, Slate Technologies has launched a new version of their Slate Decision Assistant. It’s a generative AI tool for decision-making and data analytics in construction.

The new Slate Decision Assistant version harnesses generative and predictive AI models, backed by the Large Language Model (LLM) tailored for construction. It seamlessly integrates and analyzes data from various sources to give construction professionals valuable insights. This feature-rich system aids issue visualization, predictive outcomes, and workflow generation, empowering construction teams with actionable recommendations.

Features of Slate Decision Assistant

The AI-driven assistant facilitates accurate predictive analysis, streamlined workflow generation, and thorough data integration, empowering users in construction decision-making. Clients have reported using Slate to revolutionize project workflows and drive innovation across the construction process, from pre-construction to completion.

  • Slate Decision Assistant seamlessly integrates data from various software platforms, simplifying access to essential information from common construction tools within a unified interface.
  • It offers contextual data analysis, providing construction professionals with valuable insights into how data influences project schedules and budgets, facilitating informed decisions.
  • Utilizing a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM) specific to the construction domain, Slate enables intelligent interactions within the system.
  • Dynamic data visualizations enhance data exploration, allowing users to quickly grasp complex information and make data-driven decisions.
  • The AI Recommender Models in the assistant continually learn from user interactions and project outcomes, offering contextual recommendations to help users prioritize vital decisions, ultimately optimizing the system over time for a higher return on investment.

Trevor Schick, CEO of Slate talked about the new version of Slate Decision Assistant. He said “What sets the Slate Decision Assistant apart is that it is not confined to one software or gated within a single platform like most solutions.  It goes beyond a simple search engine or the implementation of ChatGPT by working across platforms to harness the value of data and give construction professionals an immersive means of not only interacting with it but putting it into action.”

The integration of AI is revolutionizing the construction industry. It’s streamlining decision-making, enhancing data analytics, and improving project management, enabling professionals to make more informed choices.

Recently, we also saw Bluon’s AI assistant tailored for HVAC professionals. This, and the other frequent development shows the widespread adoption of AI in AEC, highlighting the immense potential of these intelligent tools to drive progress and elevate the way we approach our work. As AI continues to evolve, it promises a bright and innovative future for professionals across various sectors.

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