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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 – Top 5 Enhancements to Boost Accuracy and Efficiency


SOLIDWORKS 2023 streamlines your product development process, allowing you to finish more work in less time and create high-performing, high-quality designs that have been finely tuned to the maximum extent. 

Boost your 3D CAD skills by integrating your design workflows with the platform to gain access to robust solutions for the entire product development lifecycle, including data management, collaboration, sophisticated simulation, manufacturing, and production. 

Learn how to accelerate and increase the precision of your simulation studies with the help of an innovative method for underconstrained bodies, penalty stiffness control for contact, bonding between non-facing surfaces, and more. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 updates to SOLIDWORKS 2023 – Simulation.  

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2023 – Top 5 Enhancements 

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  • Penalty Stiffness Control for Contact

Penalty Stiffness Control for Contact

Convergence will be easier and faster if the contact penalty stiffness is specified using the new contact penalty stiffness scale factor. By lowering the contact penalty stiffness scale factor in linear static investigations, you can arrive at an approximation more quickly. Relaxing the contact penalty stiffness scale factor will result in faster convergence, which will save time. 

  • New Algorithm for Underconstrained Bodies

New Algorithm for Underconstrained Bodies

A brand-new, ground-breaking algorithm efficiently identifies rigid body modes, saving time and avoiding model setup mistakes. Now you can consider contact interactions and bolt connectors for more accurate rigid body detection and get faster simulation results by avoiding setup errors before running the simulation. 

  • Function-based Processing for Solver Improvements

Function-based Processing for Solver Improvements

With solver improvements, solve frequency and buckling studies more quickly. Reduce solution time by replacing file-based processing with function-based stiffness data transmission. Use function-based processing for studies on linear statics, buckling, and frequency that take into account node-to-surface interactions and virtual wall definitions. 

  • Bonding Between Nonfacing Surfaces

Bonding Between Nonfacing Surfaces

A more accurate surface-to-surface bonding algorithm will result in better accuracy. You can now increase accuracy by analyzing interactions between faces that are not facing one another. For faces that are not facing each other and have no projection area between them, enforce bonding interactions. 

  • Plastics Material Database and Report Improvements

Plastics Material Database and Report Improvements

The new improved material database manager makes it easier to browse materials. Enhance simulation accuracy by using new and updated material grades with the most recent property values from manufacturers, while removing obsolete grades. Easily create richer documents with improved summary and report capabilities. You can now improve the precision of Plastics injection simulation using current materials data and improved usability 

SOLIDWORKS Simulation delivers another round of innovative advancements in 2023, making your job easier and more productive.  

When it comes to performance, collaboration, and customization, SOLIDWORKS users demand the best from their software.   

SOLIDWORKS 2023 includes new, user-driven features focused on: speeding up and simplifying your product development process from concept to manufactured goods.  SOLIDWORKS 2023 offers new features that were developed to assist you in increasing productivity by working more quickly, more intelligently, and in collaboration with market-leading product development tools.   

Learn More >> Boost Your Productivity with SOLIDWORKS 2023

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Enhance your CAD Skills with Solidworks 2023 

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