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Small steps to sustainability – Giant leap for humanity


“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” the urge to create better for better has prompted ground-breaking inventions from scientists all over the world. Today, an emphasis is placed on bringing ‘sustainability’ to workflows. Whichever sector you operate in, you want your operations to be environment friendly.

The construction industry is guilty of contributing massively to global CO2 emissions. How do we achieve net zero? One way is by using renewable energy instead of burning fossil fuels, and what is our biggest source of renewable energy? The Sun!

Let’s take a quick inspiration lesson, shall we? Scientist Mária Telkes was all about harnessing solar power to create innovative technologies. Among her notable works, is the Dover Sun House which was the world’s first modern solar-heated home and solar thermal storage systems which converted heat energy into electricity. Her clever solutions have inspired energy-efficient home designs worldwide.  Mária’s work earned her the title of “The Sun Queen” among her peers!

Achieving net zero in build environments

Cement production, transportation of labor and materials to and from construction sites, and waste are all massive CO2 emitters. To achieve net zero in construction, we need to take a healthier approach; One that will benefit our health and, more importantly the environment’s. We focus more on environment’s health because construction sites have, to a great extent, become safer for humans. Remote sensing, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and overall increased awareness within the workforce has helped in identifying potential hazards beforehand and deploy appropriate safety measures. So, for now, we will focus on addressing the environmental effects of construction.

Instead of waiting to take ‘desperate efforts’ in decarbonizing construction, why not start working for it now?

How do we make build environments more energy-efficient without compromising on the quality of work? There are a few ways to reduce CO2 emissions from construction-

  • Using low-carbon building materials
  • Focus on decarbonizing mobility by using EVs for transportation and planning more efficient routes
  • Give prefab construction a change and use new technologies like Text-to-BIM to generate 3D models of components that will be used in prefab
  • There is also a new rock crushing method that traps CO2
  • Design energy-efficient buildings
  • Tracking embodied carbon
  • Use solar energy to power processes wherever possible

If we start now, we can realistically achieve our sustainability goals. As we have continually said, it’s a collective effort. You plan a sustainable structure, and we deliver CAD designs to make it a reality. When there is a successful collaboration between professionals, the results can be truly amazing!

Make it sustainable!

If you are an AEC professional, “Make it sustainable!” should be your mantra. Sustainable construction means optimizing workflows to minimize negative impact on the environment.

Green building practices, such as using recycled materials and minimizing water usage, not only benefits the environment but can also save you money in the long run. So, if you want to be a responsible member of the construction industry, remember to keep it sustainable in everything you do! By keeping sustainability in mind, you can reduce waste, lower energy consumption, and make a positive contribution to the planet.

If you find yourself running out of ideas, just think of Mária Telkes and many other scientists who were driven by their desire to make a positive impact! You never know, just like for Mária Telkes, they might make a documentary on you!


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