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Think Architecture Think Sustainable – Part 2

How about relaxing or maybe even working in nature’s lap, instead of concrete jungles? That too, by just splurging half of the amount than that of a brick or glass structure?

Let’s dive into the subject to know how!

Bamboos are woody grass!! The main reason to involve them in construction is that they have an excellent tensile strength that can be equated with that of steel and its degree of hardness corresponds with that of Oak. Also, they are extremely strong and resilient to water, insects and funguses. They grow from 3mts to 30 mts in height just within a few months. According to ABS (American Bamboo Standards), bamboos grow best in full sunlight, however, some bamboo species grow best in low light/shadows as well.

Construction Fact

A typical American home is built using an acre of hardwood forest that takes 40 years to regenerate but will take only a quarter of an acre of the bamboo shoots to build the same house with about a year to regenerate. 

Bamboo Business

US is one of the prominent importers of Bamboo and in coming future, bamboos are going to own their farmlands on the US grounds far more extensively than they are today. Thus, reducing import costs and moving towards sustainability very effectively. There are 1400 bamboo species worldwide out of which only 2 species are favorable for growth on the US farmlands – Moso and Rubro. Moso is exclusively grown in the climatic zone 7 and 8 and Rubro is grown in 6 and 10. It takes 6 years for the Rubro to grow completely and 10 years for Moso.

Judgement Time 

With such great scope of this wondrous material, businesses are taking a lot of interest. Since the construction methods are very simple and easy and give a lot of aesthetic quality to the overall structure. Also, the joinery details are as similar to that of timber. So, the learning time is reduced to half. The only consideration that needs to be given is to the proper processing of bamboo since they get easily prone to insects, but keeping in mind the sustainability factor, it is for the betterment of the structure and eventually reduces its maintenance cost drastically. Though bamboo has a higher compressive and tensile strength than its rival brick, concrete and steel, we still cannot think of bamboo skyscraper, but yes for time being, we can surely build houses and small community spaces completely out of bamboo. So, yes, the final verdict can be that we can think of bamboo seriously as a building material accepting its flaws and change it for our benefit.

Our Expertise

We work keeping in mind the need of the hour! With rising concerns over global warming and sustainable materials, we have forged ahead and have contributed to the betterment of the community, whether it is going strong with timber or bamboo. So far, we have created outhouse and garages wholly out of Bamboos and in near future we are expanding our portfolio for more Bamboo oriented works. We believe in our employee’s strong work ethics and our clients for supporting and believing in us time and again. We are the catalyst to our clients need!

If you have any further queries call us at +1919-238-4044 or visit our, website www.indovance.com to know more.

PS – Here is the link to the part 1 of this blog.

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