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What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2023.1 – Key Features and Updates


The Autodesk Vault 2023.1 update improves a few already-existing functionalities and workflows based on user feedback and suggestions. 

The most recent version of Autodesk’s Vault PDM (Product Data management) software is more advanced, sophisticated, and integrated than past editions. The latest Vault 2023.1 update includes efficiency gains, bug fixes, resolution of past issues, and adds new and improved functionalities. 

Autodesk states that the Vault product data management (PDM) software helps you manage your design and engineering data, boost collaboration, and take control of your product development processes. 

Let’s check out what’s new in Autodesk Vault 2023.1 

What is Autodesk Vault? 

Vault data management software aids design, engineering, and construction teams in organizing, managing, and tracking data creation, simulation, and documentation processes. 

All of your files can be arranged and kept in one place for convenience. You never lose or need to replace older versions because all file versions are stored. The vault maintains a dynamic history of the project as you work on it by storing every version of a file and all file references. Additionally, file characteristics are stored in the vault for quick searching and recovery. 

All of the files and related information in a design team are stored on a server where all users can see the data and its history. Each person is required to have their individual login name and password. To prevent multiple team members from simultaneously editing the same file, team members check out files. All members of the design team can collaborate by refreshing their local copies of the model file to get the most recent version from the vault when a file has been checked back into it. 

In a nutshell, Autodesk Vault acts as a repository where documents and files are stored and managed. 

The Vault consists of two principal components: 

  • Relational database – Information about the files is kept in the relational database. The database contains data about the current file status, file edit histories, and file property data. A scalable, secure, and high-performance platform for documenting file linkages and historical records is provided by storing file information in a database. Additionally, file relationships and information can be searched for, examined, and reported. 
  • File Store – The physical copies of the files maintained by Autodesk Vault are kept on the Vault server in a hierarchy of folders called the file store. Each revision of a file is kept in the vault, which also saves them to the file store in a customized configuration. A closed system is thought to exist in the file store. Do not alter any files directly from the file storage or change their configuration. The database and file store is used by the vault server to give users a collaborative environment. 

What’s New in Autodesk Vault 2023.1? 

Video Source: TheVaultKnowsAll

Vault Basic and Vault Workgroup are now compatible with the updated dark and light 2023 themes. These themes were previously exclusive to Vault Professional. 

The markup features of the integrated Autodesk Viewer were incorporated in Vault 2023.  

However, since you had to view the file, it was hard to locate the files with markups. With the 2023.1 update, you can now rapidly identify file versions with accompanying markup data by using the new Has Markup and Has Markup Historical system attributes instead of browsing file by file. 

Open Drawing, a feature that lets you open a file’s corresponding drawing file without first looking for it, is one of several UI (user interface) improvements. If there are several drawings associated with the file, Vault will ask you which one you want to open.  

With Autodesk Vault 2023.1, you can now refresh the content from within the Show Details window in the CAD programs (Inventor and AutoCAD), which was previously not possible. The bill of materials (BOM) right-click content menu now includes a link to the Update feature. Without using the Vault client, you can use this to update the item BOM from the CAD program. The data standard add-in can also be swiftly loaded and unloaded from the ribbon in Inventor. 

Autodesk Vault 2023.1 – Key Features and Updates 

  • Job Processor Enhancements  

Vault 2023.1 reduces user & Administration Disruption to lessen the administration & user disturbance previously experienced when having to manually re-submit unsuccessful operations, Vault administrators can now apply a Retry strategy to visualization and custom jobs.  

The Job Processor software manages queued jobs by applying specified actions to batches of files or resources. This automates tedious and repetitive processes. Administrators can now enable Automatic Retry based on user suggestions. This implies that rather than having to manually resubmit unsuccessful jobs, you can automatically retry failed jobs a certain number of times. 

  • Now, the Job Processor will automatically retry unsuccessful jobs. 
  • You can define a strategy for 1 to 10 attempts. 
  • The failed jobs will be automatically retried by the Job Processor without human interaction. 
  • Copy Design Improvements 

With pre-checks to identify errors prior to actually developing new design changes, designers can more effectively employ design reuse tools like Copy Design. 

Since its UI overhaul a few releases ago, Copy Design has undergone extensive tweaking and optimization. You can now export the list of errors encountered during copy operations. Previously, you had to memorize, write down, or screen capture the errors for future reference. 

How does it function? 

  • The Copy Design grid now supports copying and pasting. 
  • Edit numerous row values in an Excel spreadsheet and copy/paste them all at once into the Copy Design dialogue box. 
  • Any restrictions are highlighted before the Copy Operations Start. 
  • Thick Client Enhancements 

To boost efficiency and communication, certain elements of the user interface have been improved in thick client. 

How does it function? 

  • Consistent Theme UI. 
  • “Has Drawing” Property behavior has been improved. 
  • To enhance quick-find capabilities, the “Has Markup” property can be added. 
  • The Vault Client natively supports the Open Drawing command (without having to find it first) 
  • Thin Client Enhancements 

The Vault thin client has been updated as a direct result of user feedback.  the username may now be cached for quicker logins, you no longer need to enter it when logging in. 

To clear up the workspace and make it simpler to locate open change orders, new filters let you hide closed and canceled change orders. 

How does it function? 

  • You can now Show/Hide unreleased files in Items. 
  • Excel now supports copy/paste. 
  • The Change Order View is now customizable. 
  • CAD Add-in Enhancements 

Users of Inventor & AutoCAD will benefit from enhanced in-canvas integration thanks to the add-in improvements. 

How does it function? 

  • Refreshing file-specific properties from Vault is now possible by selecting the Refresh icon in the Show Details pane. 
  • You can now use the Load/Unload button in Inventor to enable or disable features specific to the Data Standard add-in. 

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