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Float into Zero Gravity Urbanism with THE LINE

In a world with constantly evolving cities and a focus on sustainability, Zero Gravity Urbanism brings a revolutionary approach to urban design. THE LINE at NEOM in Saudi Arabia is one example of a futuristic and environmentally conscious cityscape.

What is Zero Gravity Urbanism?

Zero Gravity Urbanism is an approach that strikes a balance between nature, livability, and human progress. Zero Gravity Urbanism represents urban planning that leverages advanced technologies, innovative materials, and unconventional design strategies, to counter the world’s pressing sustainability issues while propelling cities into a future of unparalleled environmental harmony and human well-being.

Zero Gravity Urbanism introduces us to a new era of urban living where resource efficiency, renewable energy integration, and green spaces are seamlessly integrated into building design.

NEOM will now share details on The Line and expand on the concept of Zero Gravity Urbanism at an exhibition in Venice. The exhibition, titled “Zero Gravity Urbanism – Principles for a New Livability” will take place from May 20 – September 24, 2023, at the Abbazia di San Gregorio. World’s leading architects like Sir Peter Cook, UNStudio, Fuksas, Oyler Wu, DMAA, and Adjaye, among others, will share their work on THE LINE and their contribution to the innovative structure.

The exhibition will showcase seven key principles that are defined and brought to life through the proposals of architects and urban thinkers working on NEOM.

Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM, said, “The work undertaken by NEOM in the last few years will not only be important in the context of THE LINE but will also in a pro-active and meaningful way, help to engage in the ongoing development of sustainable urban design globally.”

Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Planning Officer of NEOM, said, “68% of the world’s population is expected to be living in urban areas by 2050. The current global urban model driven by the automobile is failing and must be revisited considering its impact on the environment and on people’s wellbeing.”

Tarek Qaddumi, Executive Director of Urban Planning of NEOM, said, “Working on THE LINE with some of the most recognized designers and research institutions has resulted in a significant body of work that re-establishes our urban realm as a space for human and cultural exchange.”

THE LINE – Prime example of Zero Gravity Urbanism

THE LINE is a 170-km long, 500-meter tall, and 200-meter-wide project being developed within NEOM. It’s being developed to house 9 million residents from different communities all over the world and will have some remarkable features.

THE LINE will be built with a 34 sq. km. footprint. Its three-dimensional organization seamlessly integrates residences, workspaces, and amenities, ensuring convenient access to daily needs. City functions will be overlayed vertically, allowing individuals to move up, down, or across to reach them.

Zero Gravity Urbanism with THE LINE

Thanks to a high-speed rail, residents will be able to cover the entire stretch of THE LINE in just 20 minutes. Embracing sustainability, THE LINE will operate entirely on renewable energy, eliminating the need for cars and achieving zero carbon emissions. Food and water production will be sustainable in THE LINE.

Furthermore, AI-based systems will streamline and automate services, facilitating life for its residents. Its energy-efficient design will foster a year-round temperate micro-climate through natural ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable living environment.

Key features of THE LINE

  • THE LINE is 170 km in length, 500 meters in height, and 200 meters in width. It will house 9 million residents.
  • The estimated building cost ranges from 400 to 700 SAR (USD 100 – 200 billion)
  • THE LINE will be car-free, ensuring zero-carbon emissions
  • 95% of the land within NEOM will be preserved due to THE LINE
  • Residents will be able to access all the amenities within 5 minutes, and cover its entire length in just 20 minutes.

The Zero Gravity Urbanism – Principles for a New Livability exhibition is free! So, if possible, give it a visit. Apart from THE LINE, other regions from NEON – Oxagon, Trojena, and Sindalah, will also be featured.

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