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Top SketchUp Plug-ins every Architect & Engineers should Explore – Free and Paid

Top SketchUp Plug-ins every Architect & Engineers should Explore – Free and Paid


SketchUp has evolved as a great tool since its initial release in August 2000. SketchUp was created as a 3D creation tool, but it now has a wide range of applications ranging from architecture to interior design to engineering (civil and mechanical).  SketchUp in itself is a powerful tool right out of the box. However, It is even more powerful because users can extend its capabilities by adding Plug-ins, extensions, or add-ons to suit their specific workflow. 

Members of the SketchUp community are constantly creating Plug-ins tools to improve the native tools or make SketchUp more useful by adding tools that aren’t natively available. The majority are free and can be found in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the SketchUcation plug-ins store. 

Let’s check out some of the top SketchUp plug-ins that every Architect should explore to enhance their capabilities. 

What Is SketchUp and How Do I Use It? 

SketchUp is primarily used by architects and interior designers as a 3D modeling program. It is widely regarded as one of the simplest 3D modeling software programs to learn and use. 

Powerful tool SketchUp is a sketch-based software that, as the name suggests, is primarily used for concept design. SketchUp is used for more detailed design by some, but it lacks some of the features found in other architecture software such as Revit or Vectorworks. SketchUp has a free web browser version that you can use. For more advanced users, SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Pro, which include a slew of extra features, are available. 

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What are Plug-ins?  

A plugin, also known as an add-on, add-in, add-on, or plug-in, enhances already-existing applications with new capabilities. Plugins are used to improve the functionalities of software. The software can have plugins added through customization. 

Add-ons or plug-ins should contribute something that isn’t already included in the application or enhance the built-in tools or capabilities of the software. It should feel like a natural addition, therefore it should blend in seamlessly while carrying out a task that SketchUp is unable to carry out on its own. 

And finally, a plug-in should be simple to use and come with some guidance in terms of tutorials that explain the functionalities. 

The Need For Plug-ins 

You can feel “stuck or trapped” with the native tools once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of SketchUp and begun modeling more complicated objects. Perhaps you require a special feature that the built-in tools cannot offer, or you need something to streamline your workflow. This is where plug-ins and add-ons come into play to enhance your capabilities and improve workflows with customization. 

Once you’ve installed a plug-in and explored it, it’s very simple to become familiarised with it, especially if you use it frequently in your workflow. The majority of plug-ins can be found directly within SketchUp, making it simple to find and install them. Furthermore, most are regularly updated, so you can expect bug fixes and improvements on a regular basis. 

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You’ll always find a hidden feature or a new plug-in in SketchUp that will help you improve your workflow, making it easier, better, and faster, whether you’re an experienced user or a beginner. 

Top SketchUp Plug-ins Every Architect Should Explore 

  • Curviloft

Curviloft- SketchUp Plugins

The Fredo6 plug-in Curviloft is used to create surfaces by connecting shapes. With the “Skinning” function, you can even connect several consecutive shapes or lines. Curviloft serves two additional purposes in addition to skinning. 

With Loft by Spline, you may create a surface by utilizing smooth splines to combine several closed or open curves (a spline is a curve divided into parts). With Loft Along Path, you may combine many contours or 2D shapes along a specified path to create a 3D shape. 

Pricing – $12 for the subscription model; a free trial is offered for 30 days. 

  • Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine- SketchUp Plugins

Unreal Engine, created by Epic Games and traditionally used for game production, is perfect for producing approachable, incredibly quick graphics that can be explored in real-time. Seamless exports from SketchUp to Unreal Engine are also possible with the help of the Unreal Datasmith Plugin for SketchUp. 

Pricing – Free 

  • Flowify 

Flowify- SketchUp Plugins

One of the most potent SketchUp plug-ins is potentially Flowify. You can use a “target geometry” and any group or component you’ve constructed in SketchUp to bend them. The first surface has to be a “quad surface,” or one with a maximum of four vertices. 

Although this plug-in isn’t simple, the outcome is amazing. The initial surface should first be positioned parallel to the quad surface. Then, all you have to do is choose both geometries and click the Flowify button! 

Pricing Free 

  • Profile Builder 3

Profile Builder 3- SketchUp Plugins

This add-on substantially reduces the amount of time spent modeling and makes repetitive and monotonous chores simple. You can create profiles by utilizing straightforward or intricate SketchUp faces and polylines, create a profile member by extending these profiles along pathways, and then combine profile members to create assemblies with stated parameters. 

In a very short time, you will be able to quickly develop a profile for any indoor or outdoor location, including walls, staircases, and facades. 

Pricing – $79 for lifetime access; a free trial is offered for 30 days. 

  • Slicer

Slicer- SketchUp Plugins

Slicer is useful for bringing designs and models to life. It’s a tool made to be used with a computer numerical control (CNC) machine for digital fabrication. With the plug-in, you may divide a model into a certain number of parts, give each piece a thickness, and get them ready for cutting. 

You can use this plug-in to slice the model and prepare the pieces for CNC milling. As long as you know how to put them together, the procedure is not too difficult. 

Pricing Free 

  • V-Ray

V-Ray- Plugins SketchUp

V-Ray 5 has a long history of being a reliable professional rendering tool and offers polished, photo-real renders for both beginners and experts. In addition to an interactive viewing window while you build in SketchUp, and a premium cloud rendering alternative that frees up your hardware for other tasks, its most recent version, V-Ray 5, includes render settings that you can quickly select and tweak to suit your style. If you’re new to rendering, experiment a lot by changing certain inputs or sticking with the built-in defaults. 

According to a user’s requirements, it even offers the ability to select a hybrid rendering method or CPU and GPU rendering separately. Additionally, if your device lacks a dedicated GPU but you still require quick and accurate renders, V-Ray has a solution. One-click cloud rendering is available with Chaos Cloud. 

Pricing – V-Ray Solo ($38.901 for the subscription model), V-Ray Premium ($57.901 for the subscription model), and V-Ray Enterprise ($49.901 for the subscription model with a minimum of 5 users) 

  • CleanUp³

CleanUp³- SketchUp Plugins

The main purpose of the popular SketchUp plug-in is to optimize your models. CleanUp3 can remove everything from unnecessary items to duplicate faces, edges, and hidden geometry. 

When importing 3D files, like.3dm and.3ds, which contain geometric data and can tax your computer, this plug-in comes in quite handy. You can purge those models of any extra information, hidden geometry, edges, or duplicate faces. Furthermore, this plug-in has the ability to merge linked co-planar faces as well as identical materials. 

Pricing – Free

Considering the scope for outsourcing CAD and drafting services, the scope for 3D walkthroughs in SketchUp is immense too. Many outsourcing companies, especially in countries like India, offer a host of 3D SketchUp modeling services.  

Although the use of 3D SketchUp is predominant in architectural and interior designing space, nowadays, it is widely being used in construction and home building, and in engineering industries. Outsourcing SketchUp 3D modeling and walkthrough services fetch you many advantages. With the help of your specialized CAD partner, you can ramp up your staff in no time and also keep a check on quality with the help of experienced and skilled resources. Besides the cost-saving factor, if such services are outsourced to countries like India, where there is a tremendous wealth of talent, you can also take advantage of the time zone. This will help you meet strict project timelines, a great advantage. Moreover, with the time zone difference, you can have 24X7 assistance. For a quick turnaround, use SketchUp – technology and talent that allows you to shape your dream design. 

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