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Twin Towers in Guangzhou, China: A Futuristic Mixed-Use Complex Designed by Aedas and GDAD


The design of a 230-meter-tall mixed-use complex with two twin towers and a plaza was unveiled by Aedas Global in collaboration with GDAD.  

The development, which is situated at the foot of the Baiyun Mountain range in Guangzhou, China, has a mix of public and private spaces, as well as industrial and commercial areas. It also has a sizable urban green area and sweeping mountain views. The structure draws inspiration and information from the local topography, with viewing corridors opening up toward the surrounding landscape. 

According to Kevin Wang, Aedas Global Design Principal, the project will serve as Baiyun’s “vertebrae” and lay the groundwork for further expansion and development. ‘We will rebuild Baiyun New Town’s skyline with intricate, undulating spatial forms that are distinctly futuristic, and inspired by a number of iconic designs,’ he claims. 

The GDH Yungang City Project (Plot 4) 

Tianhe and Baiyun, the up-and-coming new town slated to become the city’s second-largest CBD, are the beating heart of Guangzhou. GHD Yungang City has drawn numerous Fortune 500 companies to establish offices as part of a larger effort to close the gap in Guangzhou’s industrial city landscape.  

The project, which will be the newest addition to Guangzhou Baiyun’s skyline and is being led by Aedas Global Design Principal Kevin Wang in partnership with GDAD, is conceptualized as a 230-meter-tall mixed-use complex consisting of two twin towers and a plaza. 

The complex is designed to enhance views of the surrounding natural landscape rather than direct views from one building to another. While the taller twin towers are situated on the other side of the plot, along the main highway, they are surrounded by buildings that can only rise to a maximum height of 100 meters, and they are situated close to a park. The design aims to avoid direct building-to-building views and create unhindered 270-degree mountain views by maintaining an appropriate distance between the high-rises and the nearby development 

Adding new sightseeing corridors that will fully take advantage of the surrounding scenery, the massing design follows the topography of the city as it currently stands. With a height of 230 meters, GDH Yungang City perfectly blends in with the urban vegetation around it and the nearby infrastructure. 

Additionally, the complex has a podium for its commercial spaces, complemented by a city square at the corner of the development. The podium will be a commercial strip with a staggered layout that allows for the creation of multiple nodes inside the plot. 

A meandering skyline is formed, imitating, and echoing the mountain ridgeline, with low-rises on the outer ring and high-rises at the center of Baiyun New Town. 

The GDH Yungang City complex has two twin towers that are 230 meters and 190 meters in height, respectively. The idea of a voyage and the image of wind sails, according to the architects, served as inspiration for the west building’s folded and layered façade. The lobby of the twin towers has a three-story ceiling and a metal canopy with a sloped entrance that draws attention to the structure’s lines. 

The vertical façade elements on the east-facing office towers feature symmetrical lines to create uniformity while adding small details. Meanwhile, rooftop gardens are being built, providing an astonishing park view. 

The retail at the podium level adopts a block-style design and is connected to a public corridor that is open around the clock. To go along with the commercial activity inside the development, numerous public shared spaces, such as communal and recreational areas, have been designed. An imposing plaza is situated at the southwest gate to draw pedestrian traffic and serves as a bustling touchpoint within the development. 

Aedas Global Design Principal, Kevin Wang states “It is our hope that this new mixed-use project can inject vitality into the Baiyun area and create more opportunities for urban greening.”  

About Aedas 

Aedas is an international architecture and design firm focused on the international exchange of information, local expertise, and international practice. Aedas designs for communities with a deep social and cultural understanding thanks to their 1,200 creative minds working in design studios around the world. 

Aedas believes that the world needs to share its knowledge of new urbanization and architectural solutions to the needs of other cities, which are rapidly expanding.  

Cities around the world are transforming in response to increased density, connectivity, and efficiency. Asia is at the forefront of innovative living styles and urban planning techniques.  

The development of the new urbanization to produce new sustainable and innovative design solutions is facilitated by Aedas’ collegiate global platform for research, idea exchange, and creative excellence. 

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