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The Best Free Software to Get Started With Technical Drawing

Are you thinking of learning technical drawing but worried about jumping in head first? Before going back to school or switching up your degree path to drafting or engineering, consider working with free software to get started, instead!

Below, you’ll find the most popular free version out there for you to use. For quality outsourcing CAD drafting services, don’t hesitate to call Indovance.

AutoCAD – Student Version

The most popular way to render technical drawings for free is through AutoCAD’s student version. You’ll be able to fully use the software, just as you would the purchased version, with the exception that you are not able to put a watermark on plots generated through the non-professional software. It’s great for those that are high school or college students, as well as faculty and military veterans. It’s even free for those who are currently out of work but have held a job in the AEC industry in the past.

Other free things available through this version are as follows:

  • Base AutoCAD package
  • Free licenses for most of the ACE suites and vertical packages (Architecture, AutoCAD Electrical, Civil 3D)

This is great for anyone looking to get a start in the CAD industry, but who aren’t sure if it’s exactly right for them. Those that take advantage of this program will be pleasantly surprised by how great the free version is, in comparison to paid software.


This free software doesn’t limit anything when users get started. You will need to activate the program via email, but other than that, you can get started easily. This 2D drawing package works like AutoCAD. You’ll have the same tools for drafting. The same .DWG format can be used for file typ, as well. Because of this, you can share with others easily!

Rhino 4.0

This 3D modeling software is great because you have the ability to render 3D and 2D drawings for free. The limited use might hinder progress on a big project, but those that are learning will enjoy this free system. In addition, you can only save 25 files before losing the right to use the downloaded software. You’ll then have to move on with a different system.

For more information regarding the various types of free software that will help you get started in technical drawing, be sure to visit back with our next blog post!

Want to learn more about technical drawings? Visit back with any or all of the following blog posts to receive more information!

For Outstanding Outsourcing CAD Drafting Services, Call Indovance!

Are you more interested in learning about our outsourcing CAD drafting services, instead of hiring someone, in house? If so, contact Indovance! We are here to help!

The benefits you’ll encounter when outsourcing your small business needs are endless. Why stress over the costs of hiring in-house expertise when Indovance is here to help eliminate the need to do so?! Our engineering, architectural and other services are here for you to take advantage of when you’re ready.

Selecting the right outsourcing company for your business might be the hardest part of the overall outsourcing process. Thankfully, companies like ours are here to offer quality resources to help ease your fears about hiring an outsourcing company. To learn more about Indovance and all the outsourcing services we offer, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about outsourcing!

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