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Types of Drawing & Drafting Careers

Types of Drawing & Drafting Careers
Are you interested in learning about drawing and drafting, but aren’t sure what career you would qualify for with this type of degree? If so, you’ll find the following information useful! There are multiple different types of drawing and drafting careers. For those interested in getting into this field, consider the following information. Architectural, illustrating,  mechanical, and graphic design are just a few of the most popular types of careers that use drawing and drafting. Below, you’ll find the pay scale for each position. For affordable CAD drafting service, contact Indovance for a free quote. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the year 2010:
  • The median salary for an architectural drafter is $53,020 per year.
  • The median salary is listed at $48,810 per year for mechanical drafters.
  • Graphic designers earn a median salary of $43,500 per year.
  • The median pay for an illustrator is listed at $43,470 per year, but illustrators can make as much as $44.04 per hour or $91,603 per year if they work an average of 40 hours per week 52 weeks a year.
There are other types of professionals that use drawing and drafting in their careers, as well. They include the following:
  • teachers
  • programmers
  • product designers
  • plumbers
  • mechanical engineers
  • mechanical drafters
  • interior designers
  • electronic specialists
  • electricians
  • construction workers
  • computer engineers
  • civil engineers
  • CAD drafters
  • architects
  • app designers
  • anyone who builds or creates
  • aeronautical drafters
According to ehow.com, “Drafters use computer-aided design software to transfer architectural and engineering drawings on to the computer to create technical documents. They work in a variety of industries, ranging from aerospace and automotive to electrical and civil engineering, building bridges and roads. A two-year degree or certificate in computer-aided design drawing, or CADD, prepares you to do the work of a drafter, and further education fine-tunes your skills to work in specific fields.” For those interested in learning more about drafting and drawing be sure to visit with previous blog posts, below. For more information about a drafting career, including help deciding if one is right for you, be sure to visit with our next blog post, soon! Are you more interested in learning about outsourcing drafting and drawing needs, instead of hiring someone, in-house? If so, contact Indovance. We are here to help!

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