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What is a Plat Survey? Why is it so Important?


Plat surveys are especially useful for identifying parcels of land over a large area, such as farmland or a city suburb, where precise estimates and boundaries would be too costly or difficult to carry out. The survey is presented in rolling text, with the same explanations from the starting point, around, and back again in plain words, in addition to the visual re-creation of the location. 

When a developer wants to subdivide a large piece of land into smaller plots and parcels, he or she must go through the statutory process of “plating.” A new residential subdivision’s residential lots, streets, and parks are created from these smaller areas. 

What is a Plat of Survey?

A plat is a map drawn to scale that depicts how a piece of land is divided. Roads and other Right-of-Way easements may also be legally dedicated using plats. It essentially depicts your home on your property, complete with lot lines, set-backs, and easements. 

A plat is an official scaled-down map of a land area that demarcates the borders between various parcels of land. To construct this map as accurately as possible, a plat survey is used. Metes and bounds are a popular way of describing land divisions. This is a method for identifying various boundaries that use geographic features, distances between points, and directions. These lines are drawn from a starting point and then circled around the area until they return to the same point. 

Why are Plat Surveys Important?

Surveying Plats identify all land features and boundary lines, and they may provide a depth of information about a piece of property and the people who live there. Plat surveys are important for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Identifying public roads and other means of entry. 
  • Assuring that all property owners have a public access point (such as a driveway) from which they can reach their property without trespassing on someone else’s. 
  • Assuring that all properties have access to public services like power, water, and sewer. 
  • Ensuring that all land use policies are followed in order to keep a city’s distribution and development under control. Identifying shared neighbors among property owners. 
  • Assuring that all lots adhere to local government zoning codes and restrictions, mostly in terms of size and geometry. 
  • Parks, emergency shelters, and official monuments are examples of parcels dedicated to public use. 
  • The Plat survey plays a crucial role during the subdivision of the property. 
  • A plat survey is necessary if you want to sell or renovate your home. 

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Types of Plat Surveys

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all project when it comes to surveying plats. There are several different types of plat surveys, each with its own set of objectives. Here are a few examples of the various types: 

1. Consolidation Plats

Landowners involved in purchasing and merging several parcels of land must first perform a survey. A plat survey will assist the local government in determining whether the landowner is permitted to purchase the property. 

2. Subdivision Plats

On the other hand, if you intend on splitting your property up and selling it in smaller plots, you’ll need to run a survey. A surveyor must take precise measurements of the land and the desired subdivisions and send them for approval to the local government. 

3. Correction plats

Errors in land surveying are common. Fortunately, they are quickly remedied by conducting a new survey. 

4. Vacating Plats

These render a plat or a portion thereof invalid in the eyes of the law. They’re usually created when any of the lots haven’t sold or when no new public or private projects have occurred since the original plat was created. 

5. Short Plats

These are used where there are less than four parcels on a piece of land (or more, depending on exact county regulations). 

Why do you need a Plat Survey? 

Boundary assessments can be needed by local county or municipal jurisdictions before you can sell if you’re separating land to pass ownership. In cases where a boundary survey isn’t needed, it can be used to give a prospective buyer peace of mind by verifying property lines. To sell a portion of your property prepare a survey plat and a legal summary of the property that can be included in the closing deed. 

Some cities and villages require a boundary survey before issuing building permits. Lending institutions also need boundary surveys as well. If you’re not sure if you need a survey, contact your local zoning or planning commission before starting major home improvements. 

Boundary surveys will answer questions about encroachment issues with neighbors. You may also get a survey to check whether or not land monuments have been relocated or disturbed. 

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A plat survey does more than just produce a visible map of the area, even though a plat is obviously a visual representation of a piece of land. Along with the visual description, it also includes a written description of the land that circles back to the same starting point as the visual description. 

Plat surveys are beneficial in many different situations. When attempting to locate specific land parcels within a large area, such as a farmstead or suburban subdivision, they can be very helpful. 

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